• #HappyFamilyTime

    Unstoppable Asian entertainment
    with StarHub TV.
  • #HappyFamilyTime

    Unstoppable Asian entertainment
    with StarHub TV.

Bring your family together with StarHub TV.

Feast your eyes on our epic range of Asian entertainment. StarHub TV brings the best drama series from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and more together so that you can enjoy it with your family, in one place. #HappyFamilyTime



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Nirvana In Fire II
Hub VV Drama (HD) (Ch 855)
Coming soon

Starring Huang Xiaoming, Liu Haoran, Tong Liya and Zhang Huiwen. It is the sequel to Nirvana in Fire, which is based on Hai Yan's novel.

Queen of Mystery 2
KBS World (Ch 815)
Every Thursday and Friday, 8.50pm

Queen of Mystery is back! Housewife-turned-investigator Seolok and passionate detective Wanseung collaborate to solve mysterious cases and cure the hearts of those who were wounded by crimes along the way.

My Mister
tvN (Ch 824)
Premieres 22 March, every Thursday and Friday, 9.45pm

A man in his 40s and a woman in her 20s endure and withstand the weight of life and hardships. Their lives become intertwined as they observe each other’s lifestyle and heal the scars of the past.

The Chronicle Of Tachi Master
Hub VV Drama  (Ch 855)
Coming Soon

The story of a frivolous young man who later transforms into a taichi grandmaster, yet the story is more complicated than that involving a nation's struggle, a fighter's honor and a family's pride.

See You In Time
Hub E City (Ch 826)
Every Sunday, 10.15pm

Feng Ying is an internationally renowned cyclist and a star in the sports world. But when he decides to return to Taiwan to help rebuild his grandfather’s cycling team, strange things begin to happen.

Should We Kiss First?
ONE (Ch 823)
Every Tuesday & Wednesday, 8.10pm

Past the halfway point of their lives, a copywriter and an ex-flight attendant worry over having to spend the rest of their lives alone without a companion.

Dear Boy
Hub VV Drama (Ch 855)
Coming Soon

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to make changes to your personal and professional lives. Luo Xiao Fei (Ruby Lin) works as a director of television commercials. Her boss is Xiao Ye Shi (Archie Kao), the owner of the advertising agency as well as her boyfriend of five years.

Old Boy
Hub VV Drama (Ch 855)
Coming Soon

Xiao Dabao and Wang Xiaoshuai, two boys, used to be good friends in their childhood, because they were both crazy about Michael Jackson and have both been rejected by the most beautiful girl in school.

Hub VV Drama (Ch 855)
Every Sunday, 10pm

Kang In-Kyu’s father was brutally murdered 13 years ago. To take revenge on those who are responsible for his father’s death, he becomes a doctor. Kang In-Kyu volunteers at a prison medical office where the murderer is imprisoned.