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    Now on StarHub TV.
  • Introducing

    Now on StarHub TV.

Brand new on StarHub TV!

FIGHT SPORTS HD brings you the very best of all styles of fight sports, right here on StarHub TV.

From championship bouts to fight sports news, tournaments to reality series, FIGHT SPORTS HD covers disciplines like boxing, MMA, kickboxing, sumo, karate and judo!


And from now till 31 July, sample this 24/7 coverage for yourself on Free Preview! Simply tune-in to Ch 212 and watch away.

FIGHT SPORTS HD is available as part of the
Existing StarHub TV customers


Tune in to Ch 212 and press the blue button on your remote to buy instantly.

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World Class Championship Boxing
LIVE every month

World Class Championship Boxing features the biggest events featuring all World Title Fights - WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO - from all over the world. See current World Champions and upcoming superstars battle it out in these live events coming anywhere from the US (Las Vegas, MSG) to Europe!


Judo Grand Slam Championship

The International Judo Federation is a series where the greatest competitors in the sport of Judo converge on locations for their Grand Slam competitions. The world’s best compete as the US, Japan, France, Russia, and others all send representatives in hopes of bringing home the Judo Grand Slam Championship.


Fight Science
Every day, 3pm and 9pm (subject to changes due to live events)

Fight Science captures the science of fighting–the biomechanics of the fighters’ bodies in motion–in stunning visual detail. Using the scientific tools of biomechanics and the latest digital techniques, including a groundbreaking motion capture rig, we will digitally track, map and measure the movements of each fighter. We will see their motions from the inside out, measuring every movement in minute detail, combined with cutting-edge animation to create perfect 3-dimensional models of the fighters.