• Introducing
    CuriosityStream HD

    Now on StarHub TV.
  • Introducing
    CuriosityStream HD

    Now on StarHub TV.

Explore the world around you.

Created by John Hendricks, the man behind Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream HD is home to award-winning original documentaries and series exploring science, nature, history, tech and more. Whether you want to explore Mars or travel back to ancient civilizations, CuriosityStream HD will entertain, enlighten and inspire you with stunning visuals and unrivaled storytelling.


From now till 17 September, try CuriosityStream HD on Free Preview! Just tune-in to Ch 422 and watch away.

CuriosityStream HD is available as part of the Education Basic Group.


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Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places
Premieres 14 Aug, every Tue, 8pm.

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking takes a flight of epic proportions to visit his favorite places in the Universe.

Ancient Earth
Premieres 22 Aug, every Wed, 8pm.

This series sheds light on the kind of life that existed in the Permian, Triassic and Cretaceous periods beginning 250 million years ago.

Prescription: Nutrition
Premieres 19 Aug, every Sun, 6pm.

Doctors, chefs and nutritionists weigh in on how changes in diet can positively affect health and longevity.

Premieres 13 Aug, every Mon, 8.30pm.

Vint Cerf, Steve Case, and Ed Snowden - internet insiders reveal its hidden past and startling present.

Deep Time History
Premieres 15 Aug, every Wed, 8.30pm.

The story of humans is often driven by events from the prehistoric past. How did physics, geology, biology, chemistry shape our history?

Premieres 9 Sep, every Sun, 9.30pm.

Join astronaut Chris Hadfield on a joyride across our Solar System, scaled down to the size of the continental United States.