Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the yellow button removed from TVB Jade (Ch 838)?
    With the rebranding from TVBJ to TVBJ Jade, this channel has transited and turned 100% Cantonese, 24 hours and there are changes to the content offering. So with the transition, the catch up service via the yellow button will be made available via Hub Cantonese VOD HD (Ch 839) instead. Currently, you may subscribe to Cantonese Premier Pack (which consists of TVB Jade and Hub Cantonese VOD) at a promotional price of $6.42/mth (Usual Price: $12.84/mth, Promotion Price of $6.42 is valid for first 3 months).

  2. What is the difference between the catch ups on yellow button on TVBJ channel (Ch 838) and Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839)?
    Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839) is the companion catch-up channel to TVB Jade (Ch838), where you can access all the first run programmes anytime, up to 7 days after it is first telecast on TVB Jade. In addition, you can also catch express episodes of TVB Entertainment news, which is not available on TVB Jade.

  3. With the removal of the yellow button on TV Jade (Ch 838) on 7 September 2018 at 12am, how does this affect me?
    The catch up will no longer be available via TVB Jade channel (Ch 838). If you are only subscribing to TVB Jade (Ch 838), you will need to subscribe to Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839) in order to catch up the programmes on TVB Jade. If you are already subscribing to Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839), you can just tune in to the channel to watch the catch up. Kindy note that from 1 September 2018, the catch up of the new content on TVB Jade will no longer be available via the yellow button.

  4. How do I subscribe to Hub Cantonese VOD?
    Hub Cantonese VOD is available in HD as part of Cantonese Premier Pack and Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack. To subscribe to either of this pack, you can tune in to Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839) and press the blue button on your remote control to buy instantly.

  5. Why can’t I watch the (new) titles in Hub Cantonese VOD (Ch 839)?
    The (new) titles are offered in full High Definition (HD) from *1 Sep 2018 as they are of better picture and viewing quality and concurrent with Hong Kong’s telecast. Please visit any StarHub shops with your existing SD set-top box to upgrade to a HD set-top box to continue viewing this channel.

    *Do note that with effect from 1 Sep 2018, Hub Cantonese VOD has turned full High Definition (HD). Existing Standard Definition (SD) programs will be available till 30 Sep 2018.

  6. How do I upgrade my set-top box from SD to HD?
    Please visit any StarHub shops (including Platinum Shops and Exclusive Partner) with your existing SD set-top box to upgrade to a HD set-top box.

  7. How do I know if my set-top box(es) is/are SD or HD?
    If you are currently holding on to this HubStation DCI62SHB set-top box, you are holding on to a SD set-top box.

  8. Will there be additional charges for swap of set-top box(es) from SD to HD?
    Kindly refer to set-top box charges.