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Game Credit SMS Top-Up

Buy and redeem your game credits and pins anytime, anywhere, with just a simple SMS.

Game On
Game Credit SMS Top-Up

Keep the Game Going

Purchase game credits for Singapore’s most popular games via SMS. With this service, you can:

  • purchase game credits directly from the game publisher
  • check your last three purchase transactions
  • request for your last three purchased game codes

Send an SMS to the following numbers and fatten your in-game wallets today!

Parental consent is needed if you are below 18 years of age.

Service is available to StarHub Mobile Postpaid user.

Game SMS Game list information
Asiasoft SMS 'TU' to 1460 67882
Garena SMS 'TU' to 1460 67887
IAH SMS 'TU' to 1460 67886
Shanda SMS 'TU' to 1460 67885
MOL SMS 'TU' to 1460 67883

Top-Up Process


Step 1:
StarHub Subscribers may send an SMS with the text "TU" or "tu" to the short-code number of the desired game publisher.

Step 2:
You will receive an SMS reply with a list of different top-up options. Select and reply with the corresponding option number.


Step 3:
E.g. If you wish to purchase 10,000 @cash, reply with "1".

Step 4:
You will receive an SMS reply seeking confirmation of your game credit top-up denomination.


Step 5:
To confirm, simply reply with a "Y" or "y".

Step 6:
You will receive a confirmation SMS with a Serial Number and/or Security Code.

NOTE: Both codes will expire within 30-day of the top-up date if not activated.