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Keep in touch with friends and family using text or media messages.

Service overview

Our Messaging service lets you send and receive text with SMS, and pictures and voice clips messages with MMS. You can even reach up to 60 people with a single text message and Group SMS . And with Global SMS and MMS, you can keep in touch with your loved ones wherever they are and wherever they go.

How do I send an MMS?

Sending an MMS is easy! Simply follow the steps below: 

       1. Select Messaging > MMS > New Message
       2. Compose MMS > Insert Image/Sound/Video Clip > Add Text
       3. Enter the recipient's mobile phone number
       4. Press 'SEND' to send your MMS


  • To send an MMS to an overseas recipients with our Global MMS service, you will need to include '+' and the recipient’s country code. For example, if you are sending a MMS to a friend in Hong Kong (Country Code: 852) whose number is 9888 8888, you should enter '+852 9888 8888'.
  • You and your intended recipient will need an MMS-enabled mobile phone to send and receive MMS. However, if your intended recipients are not subscribers to the MMS service, they should be able to view the MMS online at their respective operators' MMS retrieval centres.

How much is it?

SMS text messaging rates & charges

SMS sent to local recipient:

5.35 cents per SMS (Postpaid)
5 cents per SMS (Prepaid)

SMS sent to overseas recipient:

15 cents per SMS (Postpaid / Prepaid)
5 cents per SMS to Indonesia (Telkomsel only via Prepaid)


  • Each SMS sent (to local recipients) from your mobile phone or StarHub website is deductible from the FREE bundled SMS in selected price plans (where applicable).

MMS multimedia messaging rates and charges

Sending Local MMS

5.35 cents^ (PostPaid) / 30 cents (Prepaid) per MMS sent (<30kb)
5.35 cents^ (PostPaid) / 80 cents (Prepaid) per MMS sent (>30kb)*

Sending MMS overseas to your friends/family

30 cents per MMS sent (<30 kb)
80 cents per MMS sent (30kb - 100kb)
80 cents˜ per MMS sent (101kb - 300kb)*

Sending & receiving MMS while overseas

32.1 cents (Postpaid) / 30 cents (Prepaid) per MMS sent (<30kb)
85.6 cents (Postpaid) / 80 cents (Prepaid) per MMS sent (30kb - 100kb)
85.6 cents‡ (Postpaid) / 80 cents‡ (Prepaid) per MMS sent (101 - 300kb)*


  • ˆ Promotional price for Local MMS (Postpaid) is valid till 31 December 2015. Rate for MMS sent from StarHub Mobile postpaid will otherwise be charged at 32.1cents (30kb) per MMS sent.
  • † Promotional price U.P. $1.50 per MMS sent.
  • ‡ Promotional price U.P. $1.61 (Postpaid) $1.50 (Prepaid) per MMS sent.
  • ˜ Please note that overseas operator's GPRS charges may apply for some of the destinations.* 
  • * MMS size supported is phone dependent. Maximum supported size per MMS sent/received is dependent on overseas operators. Maximum MMS size supported by StarHub is currently 300kb.

Sending global SMS via mobile

       1. Select 'MESSAGES' from your phone menu
       2. Type in message
       3. Key '+' followed by recipient's country code & mobile number and press 'SEND'



  • Disclaimer - The list of overseas network operators for Global SMS may change without prior notice. StarHub will send your Global SMS to the subscribers of the listed overseas network operators but does not ensure successful delivery.
  • Even if "Message Sent" is seen on your handset display after you have sent a Global SMS, it does not guarantee that the Global SMS will reach the receiving party.
  • Subscribers of some of the listed overseas network operators may not be able to reply you via SMS.
  • Subscribers of 21 years of age and below must seek parental consent before using this service.