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  • SIM Only Plans

The best value SIM Only plans on Singapore’s fastest unlimited network.


Enjoy extra 3GB FREE for 6 months on our 12-month SIM Only plans. Simply re-contract or sign up for a new line before 26 Oct 2018!

Or opt for our no-contract SIM Only plans with no commitment, no cancellation fees!

Pick any 12-month SIM Only plan below.

Or, go with any of our no-contract plans.

Simply add on extra 3GB data for $6/month if you need more data.


  • Based on OpenSignal Awards - State of Mobile Networks: Singapore report May 2018, based on independent analysis of 185,297,150 on-device measurements recorded by 11,742 users during the period Feb 1 - May 1, 2018. © 2018 OpenSignal Inc.
  • ~Inclusive of extra FREE 3GB to be provisioned via our Plus 3 data add-on. Promotion is valid till 26 Oct 2018. Applicable with a new or recontract to a 12-month SIM Only XS/S/M/L/XL plan and valid at point of sign-up. Valid for the first 6 months upon sign-up, usual monthly subscription of $6 applies thereafter.
  • Unlimited calls are capped at 10,000 local calls minutes and unlimited SMS/MMS is capped at 10,000 SMS/MMS. Excess charges apply thereafter.
  • Fair usage policies apply for Unlimited SMS/MMS, Unlimited talktime and Unlimited Weekend Data. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.
  • A local SMS/MMS is charged at 5.35 cents on XS, S, M and L mobile plans while XL mobile plan enjoys unlimited local SMS/MMS.
  • ^FREE double local bundled data will be valid for the 12 months contract period. Thereafter, the data will revert to the Base Plan’s original local bundled data. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.
  • Excess local data is charged at 0.0107cents/KB, up to a maximum of $10.70/GB. Data bill capped at $238/month.
  • *XL plan comes with free International Roaming and free Caller Number Display.

Enjoy extra 3GB with 12-month SIM Only plans

Add on the handset of your choice at $0 upfront payment

All SIM Only plans include these perks:

  • FREE unlimited incoming calls.
  • FREE HD Voice for crystal clear conversations on our 4G network.
  • FREE 6 months of JuniorProtect Basic. (an Internet filtering service to protect your little ones when they're online)
  • Surf at superfast 4G speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS)

For existing StarHub SIM Only subscribers, please log in to CIS Online Store to convert to CIS SIM Only plan. Terms and Conditions apply.

Add 3GB more data to any StarHub mobile plan!

FREE Caller Number Display for 24 months.

Only with a Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) SIM Only plan sign-up.