• Unlimited Weekend

    Unstoppable fun with FREE unlimited weekend data on the 1Gbps network.
  • Unlimited Weekend

    Unstoppable fun with FREE unlimited weekend data on the 1Gbps network.

FREE unlimited weekend data
on Singapore's first 1Gbps network.


We've heard you scream out for more data. Now, you can unleash your weekends with no limit. With every plan, you can enjoy basic monthly data plus FREE unlimited data every Saturday & Sunday! That's all weekend, every weekend.

And you can now surf at faster speeds of up to 1Gbps and a smoother data experience when you upgrade to a 1Gbps-capable phone! Plus, we've added more talktime. It’s our way of staying in touch with your changing needs.

You call all the shots.
With StarHub Mobile, you don’t just get more data. You get to decide how to use it :
  • Enjoy FREE unlimited data on all weekends
  • Add data from 3GB up to 20GB depending on your mobile plan with DataJump or Plus 3
  • Share data with your loved ones and save with DataShare
  • Get affordable overseas data and connect effortlessly to any network operator with DataTravel
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Enjoy $30 dollar bill rebate when you purchase online!


  • #Unlimited calls are capped at 10,000 local calls minutes and unlimited SMS/MMS is capped at 10,000 SMS/MMS. Excess charges apply thereafter.
  • Fair usage policies apply for Unlimited SMS/MMS, Unlimited talktime and Unlimited Weekend Data. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.
  • A local SMS/MMS is charged at 5.35 cents on XS, S, M and L mobile plans while XL mobile plan enjoys unlimited local SMS/MMS.
  • Valid with a 24-month contract.
  • Excess local data is charged at 0.0107cents/KB, up to a maximum of $10.70/GB. Data bill capped at $238/month.
  • *XL plan comes with free International Roaming and free Caller Number Display.
  • For Lite, XS, S, M, L and XL plans with unlimited weekend data, there will be a cap of 700 minutes a month for the maximum duration of the IDD calls made under the FREE IDD018 VAS. Thereafter, there will be a charge imposed at the prevailing IDD 018 rates for the excess minutes. Customers on existing 4G plans will continue to enjoy the Unlimited IDD 018 calls with no cap.

All mobile plans include these perks:

  • FREE unlimited incoming calls.
  • FREE 300 minutes of talk time with HappyTalk
  • FREE 3-month International Roaming for first time subscribers. (U.P. $10/month) 
  • FREE Local Missed Call Alerts or Voicemail.
  • FREE HD Voice for crystal clear conversations on our 4G network.
  • FREE 6 months of JuniorProtect Basic. (an Internet filtering service to protect your little ones when they're online)
  • Surf at superfast 4G speeds of up to 1Gbps.
  • 40% off SharePlus for 24 months: Enjoy a supplementary line at only $9.63/month. (U.P. $16.05/month)

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Switch from your current 4G plan. Your contract length stays the same
with no termination charges!

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Share and assign your data to your family members and enjoy greater savings.
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Need more than 3GB of data? Get a giant data upsize at only $10/month.
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DataTravel 2GB

Surf overseas with 2GB across multiple destinations.
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Share your mobile plan with your loved ones and save more. Get 40% OFF your monthly subscription and FREE 1GB data upsize when you sign up now.

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Get affordable data with DataTravel from $15!

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