• Lite Plan

    The simple plan that lets you stay in touch.
  • Lite Plan

    The simple plan that lets you stay in touch.

Fuss-free, all-in-1 mobile plan for light users.

Looking for a basic mobile plan? Lite is your all-in-1 solution, bundled with talktime, SMS & data. Plus, you can now enjoy faster surfing speeds of up to 1Gbps. It’s ideal for the youngest or senior members of your family – or anyone who needs just a bit of data and a fuss-free way to stay in contact. It may be lite, but it has all you need!


Go Lite with our SIM Only plan!


  • Free double local bundled data will be valid for the 12 months contract period. Thereafter, the data will revert to the Base Plan’s original local bundled data. For details, please visit starhub.com/mobiletnc.

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