• Postpaid Plans

    See all plan types here.
  • Postpaid Plans

    See all plan types here.

Your mobile plan, your choice.

Looking for a postpaid plan? You’ll love our exciting plans that give you
FREE unlimited data every weekend! Our 4G Gigabit network also lets you enjoy faster surfing speeds of up to 1Gbps and a smoother data experience when you upgrade to a 1Gbps-capable phone!

Prefer them with zero contracts? Check out our SIM Only options. We’ve also got bundles to help you save big!

Plus, you can easily add on affordable data from 3GB up to 20GB with most of our plans. Pick any plan type below to find out more!

Choose a plan type
Unlimited Weekend Plans

$48 per month

Enjoy FREE unlimited data every weekend on top of the basic monthly data!

SIM Only

$24 per month

Enjoy double the data and unlimited weekend data on our new 12-month SIM Only plan.


$48 per month

Unlimited weekend data, extra 3GB FREE plus more sweet perks if you're 24 or below.


$30 per month

A fuss-free plan with talktime, SMS and data.


Bundle from
$92.80 per month

Get a mobile line with up to 24GB data. Plus home broadband.

Mobile Broadband

$19.90 per month

Data-only plans for no-frills, superfast surfing.

BlackBerry® Plans

$13.93 per month

Data plans for BlackBerry® devices.


$26.60 per month

An all-in-one plan for the hearing/visually impaired or persons with disability.

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