• SurfHub - A mobile &
    broadband bundle.
    SurfHub - A mobile &
    broadband bundle.
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    StarHub Business Site
    Get $200 off your preferred handset
    with SurfHub 15 or above plan.
  • SurfHub - A mobile &
    broadband bundle.

    Get $200 off your preferred handset
    with SurfHub 15 or above plan.

12GB mobile plans are back with our mobile + broadband bundle!

Always running out of data? Or asking for the wi-fi password wherever you are? Those days are over! Our new 2-in-1 bundle SurfHub, gives you a mobile plan with 12, 15, 18 or 24GB data, on top of superfast 1Gbps home fibre broadband – at 1 sweet monthly price!

Up to 24GB Local Data
1Gbps Fibre Broadband


Now, it's easier and more affordable to always stay connected, whether you’re at home or on the go. SurfHub with a 12GB mobile plan is priced at $96.56^/month – that’s less than half of what you’ll pay for a standalone 12GB mobile plan. And you get double the services!

Plus, you’ll enjoy a 50% discount on a host of complementary services (see price plan below). That includes our hot streaming service, StarHub Go! How’s that for more value? 

Pick your SurfHub plan

Simply pick a mobile plan to go with your 1Gbps home broadband and we’ll get you started!

2-year plan

SurfHub 12

per month

SurfHub 15

per month



SurfHub 18

per month



SurfHub 24

per month


  • 12GB local data
  • 150 mins local outgoing calls
  • 1000 SMS/MMS


  • 15GB local data
  • 350 mins local outgoing calls
  • 1200 SMS/MMS


  • 18GB local data
  • 450 mins local outgoing calls
  • 1300 SMS/MMS


  • 24GB local data
  • 700 mins local outgoing calls
  • 1500 SMS/MMS
Fibre Broadband 1Gbps Fibre Broadband
Plus, enjoy
  • $200^^ off your preferred handset
  • FREE Service activation and installation for broadband
  • 50% off StarHub Go Select streaming service for 12 months 
  • 50% off MultiSIM (multiple devices using 1 mobile number) or 2-in-1 Line (have 2 numbers on 1 SIM)
  • 50% off International Roaming for 24 months

Head down to any StarHub Shop and get SurfHub Plan today!
Plus, enjoy $200 off^^ your preferred handset.

Why SurfHub?

If you're always online and simply can’t survive without data – SurfHub is perfect for you. This bundle aims to help heavy data users meet their online needs both at home and on the go. And it gives you ease and peace of mind with up to 24GB mobile data and superfast 1Gbps fibre broadband services in just one plan.

Fancy StarHub TV as well?

Check out our HomeHub Go plan which gives you 5 essential services (including 15GB mobile plans, TV and home broadband) at 1 great price!

Bonus for Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS)

Flash your staff pass at any StarHub Shop to enjoy additional perks under CIS SurfHub

·  FREE 24-month Caller Number Display subscription

·  FREE 24-month International Roaming subscription 


  • Valid with a 24-month contract
  • Customers can purchase a Wireless AC Dual-band Router DIR-868L at only $120 at point of sign-up.
  • More information on Typical Broadband Speed
  • ^Price indicated is the total average pricing over a 24 month period for 2 separate services – namely mobile and 1Gbps fibre broadband – and is inclusive of free 3 months fibre broadband discount. Mobile and fibre broadband services will be charged separately.
  • ^^Applicable with new / Port-In mobile sign up on SurfHub 15 or above plan.
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HomeHub Go

Enjoy HomeHub with a 15GB mobile plan!

15GB mobile plan for every family member!

Get 5 services in 1 plan with HomeHub Go.

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