Want to add StarHub DataJump for more mobile data muscle in your monthly plan? You can now easily do it with My StarHub app in just a few steps. But before you do so, why not first check out our mobile plans with free unlimited weekend data? With these new plans, you may not even need a data boost.


If you prefer to stay on your current plan and still want more monthly data, here goes:

1. Open My StarHub app


Open the app on your phone. If you don’t have My StarHub app, grab it for free now on App Store or Google Play. Then log in with your Hub iD. That’s your personal ID to access everything StarHub, from easy bill payments and Rewards redemption to managing your account. Don’t have one yet? Just sign up via the app.

2. Pick A Mobile Data Boost

After logging in, go to My Account, tap My Subscribed Services and tap your Plan name under the Mobile card. You’ll then see the details of your mobile plan and the Value-Added Services (VASes) you currently have. Tap on Manage VASes to see what’s available to you. We have two services that add on mobile data to your current plan: StarHub DataJump and Plus 3.


DataJump’s our meatier option for the always data-hungry. The plan you’re on determines the specific amount of mobile data you can add with StarHub DataJump. For example: you can add 10GB if you’re currently on an M plan, and 20GB if you’re on an XL plan.


Plus 3 is our no-frills add-on, giving you extra 3GB every month. It’s perfect if you just need that little bit more data to get you through the month.

Most of our mobile plans are eligible for DataJump and/or Plus 3. If you don’t see either add-on service under Manage VASes, it may be because your mobile plan is ineligible.


Eligible for:


• 2-year or SIM Only S / M / L / XL plan



• 2-year or SIM Only 4G 4 / 5 / 6 / 12 plan


Plus 3

Eligible for:


• 2-year or SIM Only XS / S / M / L / XL plan



• 2-year or SIM Only 4G 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 12 plan



• HomeHub Go 7 Surf or HomeHub Go 700 Talk plan


You can see more details below:
StarHub DataJump FAQ
StarHub Plus 3 FAQ


3. Buy And Surf Away!


Once you’ve decided on StarHub DataJump or Plus 3, tap on the tick for that VAS. If selected, the little circle will turn green. Now all you have to do, is tap Submit. You’ll get your mobile data boost within the day! And don’t worry, we’ll never charge you for the days you miss out. So, for the first month, you only pay for DataJump/Plus 3 from the day you sign up till the end of your mobile plan’s current billing cycle. Sounds good? And to keep things transparent, you’ll see all these details in your next month’s bill. If you need help understanding your bill, watch this video!

To check if the data boost has been successful, go back to your mobile plan details (My Account > My Subscribed Services > tap Plan under Mobile). You should see the additional data in the “Data Upsize” field under Plan Details.


4. Your Data, Your Way


We know your data needs can change very fast. And we don’t want you to be stuck with a boost that isn’t enough. So we made sure they come with zero contracts. This way, you can always stay flexible! Maybe Plus 3’s enough for you on most months. But whenever you need more data (say, you have reservist next month, or you’ll be working remotely out of office), just switch up to DataJump! You can easily add/remove your data boost via My StarHub app.

You can even see how much mobile data you’ve used or have left.  Now, it’s so much easier to manage your mobile line anytime, anywhere. So download My StarHub app to add StarHub DataJump or Plus 3 now!

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