• Qiang Dang
    Yu Le Pack

  • Qiang Dang
    Yu Le Pack

Hit Asian movies, TVB dramas, K-dramas and more.

Watch the hottest Asian movies and shows that everyone is talking about.  Enjoy the latest TVB dramas anytime you want on Hub VV Drama VOD.  Catch the latest Korean and Hong Kong movies anytime on tvN Movies VOD, STAR Chinese Movies Play and Celestial Movies On Demand on your TV.  Or anywhere with instant streaming to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Plus, more TVB dramas and live awards shows like the TVB Anniversary Awards in Cantonese on TVBJ. 

Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack

per month
(U.P. $62.06 per month)
  • Over 100 movies Asian movies on Demand
  • Latest TVB dramas from Hong Kong
  • TVB dramas and awards shows in Cantonese
  • Instant streaming to your laptop, mobile or tablet
  • FREE ASUS ZenFone Go 4.5”
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Valid with a minimum subscription to 3 Basic Groups and a 12-month contract. Price excludes monthly set-top box subscription.

The FREE ASUS ZenFone Go 4.5” promotion is not applicable to customers who signed up to Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack via My Account. Eligibility for the FREE ASUS ZenFone Go 4.5” requires sign up of the Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack via the blue button.

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What you will enjoy

tvN Movies HD (Ch 818)
Saturday, January 28, 12pm

Train to Busan
SCM HD (Ch 866)
Premieres Sunday, 28 January, 9.30pm

Line Walker
Celestial Movies (Ch 868)
Premieres Sunday, 29 January, 9pm

My Lover from the Plant Meow
Hub VVD (Ch 855)
Premieres 30 January, Every Monday – Sunday, 9pm

Bounty Hunters
SCM HD (Ch 866)
Premieres Wednesday, February 4, 9.30pm

Girl of the Big House
Celestial Movies (Ch 868)
Premieres Thursday, February 5, 9pm

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