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  • StarHub
    TV Lite

More options, more variety from as low as $6.42 per month
Dear customers, we have currently stopped the issuance of set-top box for TV Lite. We apologize for any inconvenience caused
What you will get with StarHub TV Lite

Enjoy 13 StarHub TV Channels 

Kick start with 13 StarHub TV channels covering a broad range of entertainment, sports, 24-hour news, Asian dramas and more.

Add more channels from $6.42/month 

Upgrade to more channels to enjoy TVB dramas, Korean dramas, Hokkien dramas, international movies and more. Simply tune in to your preferred channels and press the blue button to buy.

10% off rental of a wide array of On Demand titles 

Watch the TV you want,when you want. Rent new movies and drama series straight on your TV. Just push the VOD button on your remote control.

Enjoy TV wherever with StarHub TV 

All you need is a StarHub TV Lite plan and a compatible device to watch TV whenever, wherever!*

Enjoy 13 StarHub TV Channels
Upsize your entertainment
Subscribe to these Channels/Packs today! Simply tune in to your preferred channels and press the BLUE button on the remote control!



Monthly Subscription


Kelikkai Pack $14.98
Ch 133
Ch 134
Ch 135
Ch 120* 2 $8.56
Ch 168
AneKa! Pack $14.98
Ch 118 Ch 123 Ch 115 3
Ch 824 3 Ch 124 Ch 816 4


VV Drama Pack $16.05
Ch 855
Ch 857* 2
Ch 852 2
Ch 860 2 $19.90
Now Baogu Pack $8.56
Ch 861 
Ch 862* 2
ZhongHua Pack $10.70
Ch 851* Ch 832* Ch 801* Ch 807


Ch 888 $10.70
HITS Pack $6.42
Ch 519*  
Ch 520* 2
RTL CBS Pack $9.90
Ch 509 4
Ch 428 4
ANIPLUS HD Pack $6.42
Ch 529* 4 Ch 530* 4


CinemaWorld Pack $12.84
Ch 613* 3
Ch 614* 2 5
Disney Movies On Demand $8.56
Ch 608 2


Eeva’s Learning Channel $8.56
Ch 325*
ZooMoo $6.42
Ch 306* 4


Ch 225 $6.42
Football Pack $14.90
Ch 212 Ch 202 Ch 203

*This Value-Added-Service is free for all StarHub TV customers until 30 June 2016. Customers will be charged $5.35/month from 1 July 2016 onwards. The platforms and content which may be accessed under this service are subject to availability. Other Terms and Conditions apply.

1. Freeview of E City (Ch 111) will end 31 December 2016.

2. To access the following Catch Up TV/On Demand Channels, Hubstation/Hubstation HD/HD Interactive set-top box is required.

3. To enjoy Catch Up TV, please tune in to the corresponding channel and press the yellow button. HD enable set-top box is required. Standard definition set-top box will view Stard Definition quality.

4. HD enable set-top box is required for viewing.

5. On-Demand channels may contain R21 Content. Other Terms and Conditions apply. #Basic Subscription Fee of $16.05 is applicable to non-broadband customer.

6. HD-enabled set-top box is required to view MaxToon HD.