• Dual Broadband

  • Dual Broadband

Get 2 connections at 1 price!

StarHub Dual Broadband gives you not one, but two superfast broadband connections. With 1 fibre broadband and 1 cable broadband that can be connected to two different routers to provide wider Wi-Fi coverage in the house, you will be basking in Wi-Fi signals. 

Wider and better in-home Wi-Fi coverage.

By setting up two broadband connections and wireless routers in different rooms, you will get wider and better Wi-Fi coverage. In other words, we supersized your in-home Wi-Fi coverage by reducing Wi-Fi deadzones!

This also means no more messy cabling and wireless extenders that compromise your broadband speeds.

Wi-Fi assessment by Hub Troopers.

Afraid that you may have trouble with the set-up? We’ll send our specially trained tech team - Hub Troopers to your home to help you assess, set up and secure your Wi-Fi network so that you get the most ideal connection at home.

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