• The Good Host

    Premieres 4 June, Every Sunday, 11.30am.
  • The Good Host

    Premieres 4 June, Every Sunday, 11.30am.

StarHub Go Local Productions -
The Good Host

Follow a pair of local kids on each episode and see how they would host a pair of youths from a foreign country in their home for a short stay. In the next episode, the pair of local kids will get to enjoy a switch of roles where they will travel to their foreign visitors’ home and play good guests there. This series hopes to seek out the fun, humorous and genuine moments of kids having their very first cultural exchange with people of different cultures and heritage. From learning to be good hosts to learning to be good guests, it ultimately seeks to educate the young to learn to be respectful and adaptable to the customs and ways of others.  

Telecast Details
Start Date: 4 June 2017
End Date: 23 July 2017
(8 episodes)
Catch The Good Host every Sunday at 11.30am on Hub E City Ch 111 or on StarHub Go