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My Secret App 《我的宝贝机密》

11-year-old Yang Le (Damien Teo) unexpectedly finds an alien smartphone that drops from the sky. The AI of the smartphone, App App, emerges to seek help from Yang Le – he needs to return home to a planet afar; but Yang Le will be his owner during his time on Earth.

Armed with this out-of-the-world gadget, precocious Yang Le explores various futuristic applications with this technology. Hilarious misadventures follow as Yang Le, with App App’s assistance, tries to wriggle his way out of school-work. The duo further extends their help to Ying Xiong (Darren Lim) through career challenges, Yun Fei (Fann Wong) in family problems, and Yang Yan (Hayley Woo) at relationship issues, thereby helping the family to tide through difficult times.

《我的宝贝机密》 是一部针对家庭情感问题的喜剧。其一主角,十一岁的林阳乐,在偶然的机会下,阳乐获得了一部从天而降的手机,从而改变了他的家庭生活。持着一部 “天外手机”,阳乐试图减轻学校的功课负担及与同学的不欢。他也使用前所未有的应用程序帮助爸爸(林明倫)面对工作上的难题,与妈妈(范文芳)分担家庭烦 恼,以及为姐姐阳燕(胡佳嬑)缓解感情上的困扰, 摆脱不少生活上的难题并走出家庭窘境。


Fann Wong

Damien Teo

Darren Lim

Hayley Woo

Eelyn Kok

Lina Ong

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19 Sep 2015, 12am 31 Dec 2016, 12am StarHub Go - Go Local
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