• Accidental Agents

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  • Accidental Agents

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StarHub Go Local Productions - Accidental Agents 绝队保险

After a freak bomb explosion, Johnny, Tommy and Sammi find themselves bestowed with miraculous super powers. Johnny, a lazy and irresponsible insurance agent, is suddenly able to see the future by hugging the other party; Tommy, Johnny’s boss, is able to see the past by touching the forehead of the other person and Sammi, Johnny’s girlfriend and a bomb disposal expert, is able to read minds by kissing any part of the body. The trio, with their newly unlocked gifts, experience many comical scenarios, and with different insurance cases each week, unveil a message of unconditional love and sacrifices for loved ones.


一场神秘的爆炸,竟让三位死里逃生的Johnny、Tommy和Sammi 拥有了超乎异常的神奇能力。Johnny,一位吊儿郎当、玩世不恭的保险经纪,与死神插肩而过之后,发现自己只要拥抱别人,就能预知对方的未来。而他的上司,Tommy,只要跟人头碰头,就能看到对方的过去。Johnny的女朋友Sammi,一位拆弹专家,在历经死亡之后,也发现自己只要吻到别人身体的任何部位,就能读取对方脑海里的心思意念。三人的超能力,引发了不少趣事,也彻底颠覆了他们的生活。通过他们的联手合作,不但侦破了数起保险骗局,也带出了为爱无私的奉献与牺牲的真谛。


Andie Chen 陈邦鋆 

Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 

Chris Lee 李至正 

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14 Nov 2015, 12am 31 Dec 2016, 12am StarHub Go - Go Local
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