• HD Interactive Set-Top Box

  • HD Interactive Set-Top Box

Get more with your set-top box.

Get the HD Interactive set-top box at $6.42/month

Video On Demand
Access over 100 of the latest movies and TV shows and watch them as you wish from as low as $1.28!

Entertainment At a Glance
Search for your favourite shows quickly and easily. Simply sort by title, sports or any key words.

Restart a show from the beginning
Came home late and missed some part of the show?  Restart your TV show^ anytime while it is airing.

^Start Over is only available for selected channels and programmes.

Record your favourite shows with Smart TV™ subscription^

3 simple steps

  1. Purchase a Western Digital brand of Digital Video Storage Device from selected StarHub shops.
  2. Connect it to your HD Interactive set-up box [Samsung].
  3. Press the BLUE button on your remote control to subscribe and start recording.

^Subscription to Smart TV™ at $4.28/month is required. Only applicable with HD Interactive set-top Box (Samsung).

For enquiries, call 1633 or head down to any of our StarHub shops.

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Digital Video Storage Devices

Record your favourite shows with our range of Digital Video Storage Devices!