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The cheaper and easier way to stay in touch with home, wherever you are.

Service overview

The StarHub HomeConnect Card is the prepaid international calling card that makes staying in touch with your loved ones a lot cheaper and easier, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Overseas calls from Singapore
    Your HomeConnect Card lets you stay in touch with any mobile, fixed line or public phone near you. As a prepaid card, its stored value helps you keep phone bills in check.
  • Overseas calls to Singapore
    Avoid having to pay for expensive roaming charges with your HomeConnect Card.
  • Flexibility of IDD call plans
    Make your international calls using IDD 008, IDD 018 or a special promotion option.
  • Applicable for local calls
    You don’t have to switch cards to make local calls. Use your HomeConnect Card to make local calls in Singapore too.

The HomeConnect Card is available islandwide at just $10 each.

With effect from 4 June, HomeConnect Cards will be available at all AXS Stations. Purchase in denominations of $5, $10, 20 or $30 and get additional 65% extra value!

Get it at AXS Stations (from 4 June) or at StarHub retail outlets today!

More reasons to use HomeConnect

When you are travelling, use the HomeConnect card to make calls back to Singapore^ and avoid costly IDD or roaming charges.

You will enjoy:

  • All-day flat rates*
    No peak rate charges. Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of having the same rate any time you call.
  • Card merging**
    Transfer the card value of one HomeConnect card to another, and retain the use of the same 14-digit calling card number^^.
  • No subscription or registration required.

The HomeConnect Card is packed with useful phone card features including:

Language Selection for Voice Prompt
You'll be able to pre-set  your HomeConnect card with the language of your choice (English, Mandarin, Malay, Bengali, Tamil or Tagalog) the first time you use it.

All voice prompts to guide your card usage will then be played in the selected language for all subsequent calls.

You can also change your preferred language any time.

Announcement Override
To save time, you can proceed with your call sequence anytime, without having to wait for the voice prompts to complete.

Call Balance Announcement
Before each call, you will be notified the available balance on your card for calls.

Call Duration Announcement
After you have dialed the telephone number you wish to call, you will be notified of the maximum amount of time you have to make your call based on your available card balance.

Main Menu & Previous Menu
Press * to return to the previous menu, or # to return to the main menu, whenever the voice prompt is played.

Low Balance Tone
Running low on card balance and worried about being cut off in the middle of your call? Fret not, you'll be alerted by a warning tone followed by warning beeps before your call gets disconnected as your card balance runs out.

Follow-on Calls
To make consecutive calls without the need to redial:

  • Press 1 to make a new call
  • Press 2 to redial the last called number


Do ensure that the initial called party has hung up the call before proceeding to make the consecutive call.

If the line you have dialed is busy, you will be prompted to dial again.

Check Card Expiry
HomeConnect has an expiry date. Use the ‘Feature Selection’ option to check the card expiry date and manage the use of your card.


  • * Local call is charged at 10¢/min.
  • ** Card merging feature is not applicable to HomeConnect cards with serial number that fall within 12748002 to 12750001 range.
  • ^ Availability of the service from overseas depends on foreign service providers, hotel and public phone operators. Additional local call charges may be separately charged by these foreign operators and hotels.
  • ^^ Subject to expiry date stated on the card.

Special Promotion

Call overseas now at the most affordable rates

Call your loved ones overseas today with the HomeConnect card! With the most affordable rates offered, you can now take your time to share this festive season with your loved ones.

Enjoy additional $5 worth of talk time for FREE upon the activation/use~ of your new $10 HomeConnect Card. With up to 973 minutes of talk time at just $10, you can take your time while talking to your loved ones overseas. Promotion is valid till further notice.


Travelling overseas?

Stay in touch with your loved ones in Singapore with HomeConnect

HomeConnect, our prepaid international Calling Card, is now packed with 50% more value so you can talk longer for less. With this special low and All-Day Flat Rate, you are bound to enjoy much greater savings when calling home from overseas!