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Discover unlimited joy in the most unexpected places.

FREE Monthly Subscription
Service Activation Fee Waived
Itemised Bill# service $5.35 per month
Itemised Bill Activation $10.70
Detailed Usage Statements# $32.10 per month


All StarHub Mobile, StarHub TV and StarHub Broadband customers can enjoy FREE StarHub Wireless Broadband as a Value-Added Service.

To sign up and access the services, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Sign up for a Hub iD. If you already have a Hub iD, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Log in using your Hub iD.

Step 3

Select “Add Wireless Broadband Service” under service management.

Step 4

Accept the Terms & Conditions, enter the account number and select the Hub iD. Enable the service.


  • StarHub Mobile customers who have activated StarHub Wireless Broadband service can use their Gee! iD or Hub iD and password to log in.
  • StarHub TV and Broadband customers can use their Hub iD and password to log in.
  • If you do not have StarHub Wireless Broadband, you can opt to pay via credit card at the StarHub Wireless Broadband "Welcome Page" at any StarHub hotspot.
  • Simply sign up for the service via StarHub and you can log in with your existing Hub iD or Gee! iD within any of the StarHub coverage areas.
  • With islandwide coverage and worldwide access in over 5 countries, StarHub Wireless Broadband lets you enjoy easy, high-speed broadband access wherever you are.

Wireless Broadband FAQ

Wireless Broadband/Hotspots Locations

Wireless Broadband FAQ