• Dual Broadband

  • Dual Broadband

Your answer to fast and reliable home Wi-Fi.

Powered by 1Gbps fibre broadband and 100Mbps cable broadband, it comes with a set of 2 dual-band routers.  This creates 2 powerful Wi-Fi networks working seamlessly together to deliver superfast, super-reliable Wi-Fi to cover your entire home. This is the home Wi-Fi solution you’ve been waiting for.

One router is not enough.

It’s simple physics: Wi-Fi waves don’t go through walls well and have an even harder time climbing stairs. Ever tried to stream a show from your bedroom when your router’s in the other end of the living room? It’s a buffering nightmare. To solve this, you need more than one internet connection and router to increase your home’s WiFi coverage.

Not all routers are equal.

Some models can only communicate over a single radio band, while others can use two. If you have multiple users and devices, a dual-band router that connects to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands can better serve your needs.

The 5GHz band is usually less crowded and offers better performance for video streaming and gaming.

One internet connection is not enough.

On top of a 1Gbps fibre broadband connection usually located in the living room, you get to add a 100Mbps cable broadband connection in any of your bedrooms.  

As long as you have a cable point in the room, you can simply plug in a cable modem with a router to create a second Wi-Fi network.

It takes 2.

With StarHub Dual Broadband, you get 2 internet connections and hence 2 Wi-Fi networks to cover more areas in your home.

Whether you are gaming with friends or streaming your favourite TV shows, your home WiFi can now reach more rooms and more devices.

Hassle-free installation by our Hub Troopers.

Afraid that you may have trouble with the set-up?

We’ll send Hub Troopers - our specially trained tech team to your home to help you assess, set up and secure your Wi-Fi network so that you get the most ideal connection at home.


  • Service activation fee of $53.50 applies for all Broadband plans.
  • More information on Typical Speed Range.
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