• Green Value

  • Green Value

Dare to seek change, switch to 50% clean energy and save on your electricity bills.


Enjoy a guaranteed 10% off regulated rates the moment you switch over to our Green Value energy plan.

It’s simple. Get 50% of your electricity generated by clean energy, fight against climate change. Be the change-maker, make a difference.

  • 50% clean energy
  • 10% off SP tariff
  • Pay per use
  • 24-month contract

When you choose 50% clean energy, your environmental contribution is equal to:

5 Room HDB Flat#

(50% clean energy)

4,224kg of CO2 saved
55 Trees planted and grown for 10 years^
1 Car off the road for half a year

Here’s how much you could save.


  • *Examples shown above estimated savings over 24 months based on average consumption rate and 10% off SP Tariff.
  • # Estimates are calculated based on a 5-room HDB flat consumption average of 473kWh/month,  powered by 50% clean energy for 2 years, based on US Environmental Protection Agency Metrics.
  • ^Carbon removed/sequestered by 55 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.



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How to sign up

Are you a Jurong resident with postal codes beginning with 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64?

Simply provide SP account number and NRIC/FIN to sign up at participating shops.

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