• Green Save

  • Green Save

5% clean energy and enjoy 20% savings.


Take the first step towards a greener future. Get 5% of your electricity from clean, renewable energy and start reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy a guaranteed 20% off the regulated rate the moment you switch over.

  • Pay per use
  • 5% clean energy
  • Guaranteed 20% discount off SP tariff
  • 24 months contract.

Here’s how much you could save.

*Example above shows estimated savings over 24 months based on average consumption rate and 20% off SP Tariff.


Want to go Green? Start here.

How to sign up

Are you a Jurong resident with postal codes beginning with 60, 61, 62, 63 or 64?

Simply provide SP account number and NRIC/FIN to sign up at participating shops.

Energy plans FAQ

Registration of interest FAQ

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