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Upgrading of online services
Dear Customer, to serve you better, we will be upgrading our server on 6 October 2015 between 0000 and 0600 hours. During this period, you might experience intermittent downtime while accessing our website. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your kind understanding.

Other Fibre Broadband Charges

Miscellaneous service charges you should be aware of.

Installation Fee
(Per computer connection)
Installation of 3rd Party device┴
(Per device connection)
Delivery Fee
(Per trip to the same service address)
Service Call
(Per computer connection. Additional equipment/material costs are extra and quoted on site)
Service Activation Fee $53.50
Service Early Termination Charge $385.20
Service Early Termination Charge
(If subscription is less than 12-month)
(1Gbps fibre home broadband)
Reconnection Fee
(Service call fee of $53.50 is applicable if customer requests for re-installation of equipment at customer's premise)
Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation
(High Rise - Condo or HDB)
Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation
Relocation Fee
(Per request to change residential service address)
Fibre Service Cancellation Charge $235.40 (High rise)
Fibre Service Cancellation Charge
(If before ready-for-service date)
$481.50 (Landed)
Additional Fibre Cable
(After initial 15m from fibre entry point)
$35.31 (Per 5m)
Equipment Deposit
(Per Optical Network Terminal. Applicable only to Work Permit and Student Pass holders)
Loss or Damage of Equipment
(Per Optical Network Terminal)
$ 235.40
Loss or Damage of Equipment
(Per reactivation of each Optical Network Terminal)
Late Payment Fee $5.35
Returned Cheque Fee $5.35


  • ┴Supported devices: Personal Computer, Laptop, Printers, Scanners, Smart Phones, Cameras, Routers (Supported brands: Linksys, D-Link, SMC, 3COM, Netgear, Buffalo & Belkin).


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