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Miscellaneous service charges you should be aware of.

Installation Fee
(Per computer connection)
Installation of 3rd Party device┴
(Per device connection)
Delivery Fee
(Per trip to the same service address)
Service Call
(Per computer connection. Additional equipment/material costs are extra and quoted on site)
Service Activation Fee $53.50
Service Early Termination Charge
(If subscription is less than 12-month)

Reconnection Fee
(Service call fee of $53.50 is applicable if customer requests for re-installation of equipment at customer's premise)
Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation
(High Rise - Condo or HDB)
Optical Fibre Termination Point Installation
Relocation Fee
(Per request to change residential service address)
Fibre Service Cancellation Charge $235.40 (High rise)
Fibre Service Cancellation Charge
(If before ready-for-service date)
$481.50 (Landed)
Additional Fibre Cable
(After initial 15m from fibre entry point)
$35.31 (Per 5m)
Equipment Deposit
(Per Optical Network Terminal. Applicable only to Work Permit and Student Pass holders)
Loss or Damage of Equipment
(Per Optical Network Terminal)
$ 235.40
Loss or Damage of Equipment
(Per reactivation of each Optical Network Terminal)
Late Payment Fee $5.35
Returned Cheque Fee $5.35


  • Supported devices: Personal Computer, Laptop, Printers, Scanners, Smart Phones, Cameras, Routers (Supported brands: Linksys, D-Link, SMC, 3COM, Netgear, Buffalo & Belkin).

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