• Top cartoons to
    watch on StarHub TV

    Plus, watch shows wherever with StarHub Go.
  • Top cartoons to
    watch on StarHub TV

    Plus, watch shows wherever with StarHub Go.

Fast forward to the modern day. Content has exploded, and kids are simply spoilt for choice. On StarHub TV alone there are over 13 linear channels and 8 On Demand channels including Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. The new StarHub Go lets subscribers watch their favourite toons on their mobile devices while on the move or on their PCs instead of on TV.  

The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network Ch 316
Every Mon-Fri, 5.30pm

The reboot of this classic sees the return of the cutesy girls Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as they show the world that they still have what it takes to save the world while making it back in time for bed.

Made from sugar, spice and everything nice - plus an accidental dash of Chemical X – the Powerpuff Girls return to the goggle box to take on the world of baddies and monsters with their superhero powers. It’s not all muscles, speed and pink eye blasts as the lovable sisters offer plenty of humour, cuteness and character.

Bubbles, all decked in blue, is the sweet little one with fluttering eyes as she has plenty of sugar in her. But you don’t want to get her angry as she can turn really nasty when she is mad. Buttercup, the little girl in green, represents spice and is the feisty little one that is always ready for a fight. And there is the leader, Blossom in pink, who is everything nice and is the brains and the most level-headed one in the team. Many familiar villains are back too, including Princess Morbucks and Mojo Jojo the monkey crime lord, plus plenty of new baddies for the sisters to defeat.

The Powerpuff Girls is not just for school-going kids. With millions of fans from the 1990s and 2000s who have now all grown up, many adults too can relive their childhood with the sisters three.

Ultimate Spider-Man vs
The Sinister 6

Disney XD (HD) Ch 310
Every Sat- Sun, 1.30pm

The boy in me still loves Marvel comics. The Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 is the fourth season of a young Spider-Man who leads a group of teenage superheroes such as Power Man, Iron Fist and Nova in their battle against Spidey’s nemesis including Dr Octopus, Kraven the Hunter and the evil Hydra organisation.

The two-parter pilot episode starts with Spider-Man working with his team and S.H.I.E.L.D to apprehend his arch-enemy Dr Octopus. They bring the tentacled-villain on board S.H.I.E.L.D’s flying fortress base but there is something bugging the viewer right from the start - that the capture just seems too easy to be true. Expect plenty of superheroes vs supervillain combat action and plot twists as Dr Octopus forms alliances with other baddies with the aim of creating a new Sinister Six group to fight against Spider-Man and his allies.

One arachnid superhero may not be enough. Watch out for other “Spider-Man” heroes including Agent Venom, Iron Spider and the mysterious Scarlet Spider. Fans of Spidey’s witty humour, even in the face of peril, are also in for a treat.

The episodes are also available ondemand at Disney XD Asia’s iOS and Android apps. StarHub TV Kids Basic Tier subscribers can enjoy full features such as live TV and on-demand episodes on the apps by logging in with their Hub iD.

PAW Patrol

Nick Jr Ch 304
Every Fri, 1.10pm

No job is too big; no pup is too small. That’s the motto of this cartoon series which sees boy hero Ryder lead a group of six pups in their daily quests to help the inhabitants of Adventure Bay. Designed for pre-schoolers, Paw Patrol follows the footsteps of toons such as Handy Manny, Team Umizoomi and Special Agent Oso where lovable characters go all out to help friends and strangers who get into trouble.

The leader of the pack is Ryder, a 10 year-old boy who rides an all-terrain bike which can transform into a hovercraft and a snowmobile. Each pup has his or her own specialty. Yellow bulldog Rubble drives a construction digger that does the heavy lifting and loves bathes. Rocky the mix-breed hates getting wet but he is the handyman who has a ton of tools in his pup pack and is a firm believer in recycling.

Marshall is the Dalmatian rescuer who drives a neat red truck with water jets and a rescue ladder while Chase is the German Shepherd police dog who is athletic and loves to lead. He is allergic to cats though. Then there is Zuma the brown Labrador who drives a hovercraft for saves at sea. Topping up the team is Skye the diminutive Cockapoo who takes to the sky in her mini-helicopter for aerial rescue and support.

The Adventures of Puss In Boots

DreamWorks Channel HD Ch 606
Every Mon- Fri, 4.40pm

He may have been the swashbuckling sidekick from Shrek but he has become his own man with his own TV series. Puss In Boots, the outlaw with a heart of gold is hanging out at a dinghy thieves market when he meets cute but naïve feline Dulcinea who is carrying a large bag of gold and proudly proclaims so. The damsel cat in distress is soon accosted a bunch of baddies but she is saved by our protagonist and his dazzling display of swashbuckling superiority. Puss In Boots follows her out of fear that she might get robbed again and also because he has an eye for her and stumbles upon the hidden city of San Lorenzo which has a vault filled with gold and treasure.

Puss In Boots inadvertently breaks the magic spell which had previously kept the city hidden from the outside world and exposes its legendary treasure and its vulnerable inhabitants, including a schoolful of cute orphans, to the evil doers of the world. Going against his instincts to run away to save his own skin, Puss In Boots stays on to protect San Lorenzo until he can find a way to reactivate the magic skill.

Most of the characters in this TV series are original creations. In addition to Dulcinea, there is Mayor Temoroso who is always hiding in a barrel, a crazy alchemist Artephius who often loses his memory and even his mind and Pajuna the cow who owns the local cantina. The orphans are the pride and joy of the city and they include the adorable five-year-old Esme who is never afraid to fight despite her diminutive size and Toby the pig who has the strength of a bull and who idolises Puss.

With dragons, ninja pigs, mermaids, an evil sword and a Sphinx, expect plenty of fun and adventure in this zany and zesty TV series. As Puss puts it: Always look for adventure.

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This article first appeared on The Straits Times, 10 June 2016.