• 3 ways that App App is
    the BFF of every school kid.

  • 3 ways that App App is
    the BFF of every school kid.

Having super power is awesome. Check out App App now.

If cartoons and comic books taught us anything when we were kids, it is that superpowers are super awesome! If you were the kind of student who daydreamed about how superpowers would make your life in school so much easier, then My Secret App, StarHub’s brand new original series, is the show for you and the family.

Touted as a cross between Doraemon and The Jetsons, My Secret App stars Fann Wong and Darren Lim, parents to a pre-teen son who becomes acquainted with App App, an alien avatar with extraordinary powers. Along the way, the son has to bond with his alien friend and learn that with great power comes great responsibility.

"Speaking of powers, here are three ways that App App makes for the best companion for school kids!"

The power of invisibility

Every 11-year-old wants the power of invisibility. Not to cheat in class (we hope), but to disappear when we somehow make a fool out of ourselves. Maybe you’ve scored badly for the last exam, or you are the only boy in your class who can’t quite manage a push-up during PE lessons. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve all wanted to vanish for a minute or three, and turning invisible will surely come in handy—not to mention freak everybody out.

The power of levitation

Nothing is more important to a primary school kid than to run faster and jump higher than everybody else. Winning at Police & Thief is one thing, but those skills will come in handy during Sports Day when coming in first means everything. App App can lift you off the ground and control your movements from afar, just so that you can run faster and jump higher than humanly possible! Gold medal, here I come!

The power of truth

So you’ve managed to catch the discipline master’s attention with regard to all the bullying you’ve been receiving from Sebastian, the resident Ah Beng. Only, Sebastian is vehemently denying all charges and feigning innocence—what do you do? App App’s power of truth is going to have Sebastian confess to his crimes in no time. Justice is served, and it tastes good.

But My Secret App is more than just a showcase of App App’s powers. What makes the show truly special is the heart-warming relationship between App App and the family, and how everyone has to work together to navigate life’s greatest obstacles. Besides, this is also Fann’s first performance since her pregnancy, as well as her first time working with a 3D animated character! Don’t miss the premiere of My Secret App on E City!

Catch My Secret App on E City Ch 111/825.
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My Secret App
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