• Education

  • Education


Learn about the histories of our wonderful world, explore nature in its grandeur and keep updated on the latest lifestyle trends.

  • History and Science
    Unravel the mysteries of our history and the wonders of new scientific breakthroughs.
  • Nature Documentaries
    Explore the natural wonders of the world with Discovery and National Geographic.
  • Lifestyle
    Be updated with the latest fashion trends, travel destinations and culinary cuisines.

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Discovery Channel provides an extraordinary variety of engaging stories that immerse people in our amazing world, while enlightening them with knowledge and new ideas. 

National Geographic

National Geographic Channel inspires through its smart, innovative programmes and opens up a world of possibilities by exploring popular science, technology, natural history, archaeology, natural mysteries, wildlife and others. 


TLC's programmes are told through the lens of larger-than-life characters and adaptable formats, celebrating everything from relationships and life stages and transformation to food and travel. 

Entertainment & Movies

The latest Hollywood blockbusters, US drama and reality shows and all time classics are here to keep your guests entertained! 

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See the latest news as major current and financial events unfold with professional coverage and analysis to help you make the right decisions.

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Educate the little ones and teens while keeping them enthralled with their favourite cartoons and series from Disney Channal, Cartoon Network and more. 

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