BlackBerry® Prepaid General Information


What is BlackBerry® Prepaid?

BlackBerry® Prepaid is StarHub’s Value-Added Service for Happy Prepaid customers, which allows the BlackBerry® service to be activated on a prepaid basis to suit your email/surfing needs.

What are the benefits of using BlackBerry® Prepaid?

With BlackBerry® Prepaid, customers get instant emails pushed to them at all times - without a monthly subscription. Customers can choose from a range of flexible rates and surf with free bundled data.

With BlackBerry® Postpaid, one has the option of either individual or corporate BlackBerry® services. What are the available prepaid services?

Likewise, there are also 2 available types of BlackBerry® Prepaid services:

(a) BlackBerry® Prepaid for Individual

(b) BlackBerry® Prepaid for Corporate

What do I need to activate the BlackBerry® Prepaid service?

All you need are a Prepaid SIM Card and a BlackBerry® handset. You can purchase the former from any StarHub shops and all Exclusive Partner outlets.

How do I activate BlackBerry® Prepaid on my Happy Prepaid SIM card?

To activate the service on your Happy Prepaid line, simply key *122# and dial, then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to complete the activation.

Can I activate both BlackBerry® Prepaid for Individual and BlackBerry® Prepaid for Corporate at the same time?

No, you can only activate one BlackBerry® Prepaid service at any one time.

How do I check my BlackBerry® Prepaid service details?

To check your BlackBerry® Prepaid service details, simply key *122# and dial, then press “9” to check your BlackBerry® Prepaid status. You will receive an SMS with your BlackBerry® Prepaid service details.

Can I use BlackBerry® Prepaid while roaming?

Yes, you can. However, you will be charged the prevailing international data roaming rates for sending/ receiving emails and internet access, including those via APN.

Please note, your free bundled data is only for use with the StarHub network in Singapore. You will be charged the prevailing international data roaming rates while roaming, which will then be deducted from your Happy Prepaid line's main balance.

If I activate a BlackBerry® Prepaid plan while roaming, what will I have access to?

If your BlackBerry® Prepaid plan has been activated, you will be able to send/receive emails and access the internet. However, you will be charged international data roaming rates, which will then be deducted from your account's Main balance.

As with all StarHub Prepaid services, we will not be able to refund any plans activated before and during roaming.