• Interactive TV

  • Interactive TV

Hospitality is providing a memorable personalised experience to your guests.
StarHub Interactive TV enhances your hospitality services like housekeeping, room service, room control, concierge services, and infotainment while making your operations smoother and more cost-efficient.  

Productivity through automation

Beat talent shortages with automation. Interactive TV’s strong API integration with Property Management System, Point of Sales machines, Workforce Management Systems and Guest Entertainment Systems help free up your staff for more productive, customer-fronting functions.  

Additional revenue source

Expand your revenue possibilities with video-on-demand, push advertising and shopping.  

Single-window information

Aggregate and deliver useful information to your guests, including flight details, local and global weather, local maps, and many more.  

Seamless hospitality

With convenience features like Airplay and Second Screen, your guests can wirelessly access their favourite entertainment and services using their personal iOS devices anywhere on your premises. 



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