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  • Interactive TV

Make hospitality personal with an interactive TV experience
Give your guests an interactive infotainment and hospitality service experience with StarHub Interactive TV.

Offer a host of personalised services and on-premise entertainment to your guests with StarHub’s Interactive TV. With just a TV remote, your guests get full control over services including Room Service, Housekeeping, Alarm Clock, Express Checkout, HD YouTube, TV channels, Music, Maps with Save and Zoom-In features, Flight Details and Weather—besides Video On Demand (VOD).

Built by a team of dedicated, passionate industry specialists with expertise in IP technology, StarHub's Interactive TV is founded on a strong combination of versatile software and robust, industry-standard hardware. Apt for hotels and serviced apartments in Singapore, Interactive TV delivers a comprehensive range of localised services at competitive rates.

Interactive TV seamlessly integrates with your loyalty programmes and other internal systems, making it easier for you to personalise services for your loyal customers. 


Rich Content

TV channel content has always been a way to entertain guests. StarHub Interactive TV boasts a selection of over 100 local and international TV content, including Video On Demand on a Pay Per View basis that can be viewed on a secondary mobile device or tablet.


API system integration

Many systems are used for different purposes in the hospitality industry like Property Management Systems, Point-of-Sales machines, Workforce Management Systems, and Guest Entertainment Systems. Interactive TV is able to connect with these systems through APIs for your guests to access your facilities, order in-room dining, access concierge services, express checkout, and other information from the comfort of their own suites. 



Guests are more likely to return when their preferences are noted. Interactive TV can integrate with a Loyalty Management System to create personalised messages to your guests, remembering their favorite rooms, as well as push relevant advertisements to them, creating greater customer satisfaction and engagement.  



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