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Why mobile pooling could be your best investment

With constant connectivity becoming increasingly important in the business world, more SMEs are footing employee phone bills. This means increased expenses on top of the rising cost of rent, manpower and equipment. Phone bills can rack in even higher amounts should a few heavy usage employees incur excess charges. A recent development in mobile allows SMEs to work around this problem: Mobile pooling.

What is Mobile Pooling?


Mobile pooling combines your employees' mobile bundle into a common pool allowing your employees to utilise each other’s unused data, talktime and SMS. This means that heavy users can tap into entitlements unused by light users to save you from incurring excess charges on business mobile. As a result, you can look forward to saving on your current mobile phone bills.

Lian He Zao Bao's Chan Jinha elaborates on how StarHub's own Mobile Pooling service SmartShare has benefitted businesses:

Shared Mobile Plan Helps Companies in Cost Reduction


A new mobile service by StarHub allows enterprises to optimise their employees’ mobile usage, resulting in cost reduction.

StarHub’s Vice President for Corporate Sales Teh Chong Mien said, “Many companies are already paying for their employees’ mobile bills. This could lead to huge expenses. The SmartShare value-added service is a new solution from StarHub that can help companies save on their mobile bills.”

StarHub in fact introduced this service in June last year and did a pilot run with some SMEs. One of the companies that took part was a scaffolding and construction company. Established in 1983, the company currently hires 300 employees, many of whom are site managers.

SmartShare Slashes Company Costs by Half


These site managers are often in contact with many people, including workers who are on-site, architects, engineers, surveyors, planners and supervisors.

"After switching to SmartShare, the company successfully cut down its phone bills by half."

Mr Teh said, "Some employees may inevitably end up exceeding their usage limit for data, voice or SMS, while some wouldn't. As such, companies may need to pay for the excessive usage, but at the same time are unable to utilise what goes unused. I would say that this is somewhat like 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. We pool the benefits to reduce wastage, thereby achieving real savings for the company."


He pointed out that the key concerns for SMEs are costs reduction and increase in productivity.

"We have always been looking out for opportunities to develop new solutions to help SMEs meet their needs."

SmartShare is applicable to 4G mobile plans. Companies must subscribe to at least five mobile lines to be eligible for this service, and a monthly fee of $5.35 is applicable for each line that uses this service.

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