• 													Myths of UC 
    as a service

  • Myths of UC
    as a service

Myths of UC as a service
27 October 2016

Facing the facts about Unified Communication


Unified Communication (UC) is now recognised as an important tool for doing business in the digital age. Yet, there are those who still hesitate to see UC services as a viable option. These companies often harbour misconceptions about UC services.

Myth: It's all about savings and more


UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) offerings do provide significant cost savings. The total cost of ownership is lower when adopting this option. However, cost savings is merely one of the benefits. Improvements in efficiency, enhanced capability to scale up when needed, and new, innovative ways of communicating among colleagues are also valuable benefits to be considered. The reality of being able to tap into the corporate network from any device or any location, even out of the country, can help boost productivity and work effectiveness. This is why UCaaS is so much more than just about saving a few dollars.

Myth: Unified Communication needs a long time to implement


This is a common misconception simply because Unified Communication can be so complex and its applications so far-reaching. Yet, the truth is that UCaaS uses a hosted PBX that is in the cloud, this means that there is almost no hardware to install. UCaaS can easily connect to existing systems so that they are quick and cost effective to implement.As in all cloud-based implementations, UCaaS can be easily managed by a third-party service provider, thus relieving the organisation’s IT resources to address other tasks.

Myth: Call clarity is inferior to On-Premise PBX


There is some confusion about what UCaaS truly offers in terms of call clarity. This is due to many of the so-called free VoIP services that allow users to "make phone calls for free". A true enterprise UCaaS provides call quality that is equal to any hardware based solution.

Myth: Unified Communication is confusing and hard to use


This is a common misconception of Unified Communication because of the many powerful features that it has to offer. All new technology will have a learning curve- Unified Communication allow enterprises to turn on features as and when needed and whom has access to control. In this way, complexity can be easily managed.

StarHub's SmartUC Hosted solution offers a high performance, enterprise-grade communications system that requires no capital investment. Simply pay for what you need, in easy monthly instalments. Rest assured that you will have access to expert technical support whenever you need it, so you can enjoy full capabilities of your Unified Communication solution.


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