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1. What is a domain name?

Domain name is a unique name that identifies an Internet site. It allows Domain Name System (DNS) computers to identify the website when Internet users are searching for it. For example: WebNIC.cc.


2. Why should I get a domain name?

Domain name was needed so that people can find the site on the World Wide Web quickly and easily. It was an essential tool to introduce the business to the public; businesses often register domains to protect them from cyber-squatting or unauthorised use.


3. What are the common requirements to register a domain name?
  • Domain names can only contain characters from A to Z, 0 – 9;
  • Domain names may contain a hyphen (“-”) but may not begin or end with a hyphen;
  • Spaces and special characters, such as question marks (?), exclamation points (!), and underscores (_) are never permitted;
  • All domains must have at least 2 name servers and IPs listed at all times;
  • Domain name cannot have hyphens as the 3rd and 4th characters (reserved for multilingual domain registration eg: xn--example.com)
  • Information provided in the domain name registration application is true, correct, up to date and complete;
  • Registrant must always keeps the domain Whois information up to date. 


4. What kind of Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) does Webnic offer?

Webnic currently offer second-level IDN domain names in all new gTLDs, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .cc, .hk, .tv, .cn, .tw, .lk, .co, .np, .asia, .ar, .br and .ca. For IDN .biz, we offer IDN registrations in 9 languages which are Chinese, Danish, German, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.


5. What domain suffixes do Webnic offer?
Category Top Level Domain






















Internationalised Domain Name (IDN)


IDN.hk /IDN.co/IDN.lk/IDN.asia

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