• StarHub ePayroll

    A complete and automated payroll solution
  • StarHub ePayroll

    A complete and automated payroll solution
  1. What is StarHub ePayroll?
    ePayroll is an easy to use, modern payroll software developed with customer business needs in mind. It allows HR to run payroll anytime, anywhere and staff to access their payslip on the go

  2. Is StarHub ePayroll application compliant with the Ministry of Manpower’s requirements?
    Our applications are designed and built from ground up to be based on MOM’s regulations. We regularly update the applications over the Cloud to ensure compliance with statutory requirements for Leave, Payroll and Attendance policies, such as the itemised payslip requirement set in place by MOM.

  3. What is the difference between StarHub ePayroll and the rest of the vendors in the market?
    StarHub ePayroll is a cloud service. This means that the user is able to access the module anywhere, whether they’re overseas, on MC or generally away from desk. As long as they can access the web, they can do a payrun, generate reports and view payslips. They are able to integrate seamlessly integrated with other StarHub eHRM modules (eLeave, eTimeclock, etc), and can also be used standalone. It also has a 3-in-1 (Payslip, Timeclock and Leave) mobile app that can be downloaded from both iOS and Android phones.

  4. How will Businesses benefit from using Cloud-based ePayroll service compared to other services/application (include excel)?
    • No expensive hardware and network infrastructure.
    • Minimum upfront cost
    • Access payroll anywhere
    • Instant updates on features and functions
    • No manual calculation. Less prone to errors
    • Timely payroll
    • Audit history
    • Secure

  5. How easy is it to subscribe to StarHub ePayroll solutions?
    Just submit your interest here and our StarHub Sales representatives will contact you to process your order. Upon successful signup, StarHub’s partner will contact you for training to do account setup. Service accounts can be ready within 10 working days if training is not required.

  6. Why is there a monthly subscription fee and what does it cover?
    A monthly subscription fee is included for us to maintain the applications on a day to day basis, ensuring that they run perfectly for you all the time. Included in our subscription fees are:
    • Application software and upgrades
    • Hosting of the service
    • Daily backups
    • Support via email, phone and live chat

  7. How easy is it to integrate StarHub ePayroll modules with customer current accounting software?
    There are many accounting software developers in the market. ePayroll is able to integrate with some of the most popular SME accounting software, such as Quickbooks Online. Feel free to speak to StarHub for more information.

  8. Where are the applications and data hosted?
    The application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within its data centre in Singapore and remotely backed up at other AWS locations.

  9. Can customer import/export Excel data?
    Yes, ePayroll solutions supports import and export of excel files as a default either for report generation and/or for set up process.
    Customer is able to import their current employee data from Excel to the ePayroll system through our excel templates which is already built and can be downloaded within the module.

  10. How does a customer access StarHub ePayroll system? Will changes need to be done in customer firewall?
    As StarHub ePayroll is a cloud service, customer can access it via internet. It also has a mobile version that is available for employees to view their payslip on-the-go.
    It works like Google and Facebook, just open a web browser, enter the URL and log in using the usual credentials such as Username and Password. As long as users are able to access the web, no changes need to be done to customer firewall.

  11. Is StarHub ePayroll Cloud-based solutions secured?
    StarHub ePayroll leverages on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to deliver our services. AWS is the most trusted Cloud infrastructure in the market today, and is the same infrastructure used by many leading internet companies such as Airbnb, Yelp, Adobe, Expedia, Netflix, Dow Jones, BMW and Apple.
    We also do daily data backups and regular security updates our applications, OS and databases. We expect to be fully ISO 27001 certified by end of 2016.

  12. What is StarHub ePayroll system up-time?
    The system consists of multiple servers on a load-balancing architecture. Even if one server is down, the system will still function without a hitch. We provide at least 99.9% system up-time, and have constantly exceeded this target.
    For technical support, please contact please contact 64765149 or start an online chat at https://www.justlogin.com/ or email to support@justlogin.com.

  13. Can customer setup StarHub ePayroll system without any training?
    Yes. Customer is able to set up the account themselves without attending the training. User guide is available online at StarHub ePayroll Product page.

  14. What is the support available for Businesses who sign up this service?
    For billing related enquiries, customer can contact StarHub Business Helpdesk at 1631 (or +65 68201631 from Overseas) or email to businesshelpdesk@starhub.com.
    For technical related enquiries and support, customer can contact StarHub’s ePayroll partner, Justlogin, via online chat, phone and email which are available between 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (Singapore time).
    • Online: www.justlogin.com
    • Email address: support@justlogin.com
    • Phone: +65 6476 5149

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