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Automate your marketing campaigns with Deskera CRM.
Campaign management

Identify targets, run campaigns and close business deals easily with Deskera CRM. You'll find all the functionality you need to manage your marketing efforts efficiently and effectively through email marketing.

Lead management

This feature helps you target and automate marketing campaigns, qualify new leads, and prioritise follow-ups, resulting in more consistent customer communication. You can also record and track details of your leads, with the choice of converting and searching for existing leads, and defining lead activities, tasks, events and more.

Account management

Deskera CRM lets you track and manage your accounts with details of your products, opportunities, activities, and cases. You can easily upload account-related documents like statements of work and requests for proposals, and search effectively with advanced filters. Quick changes to your dashboard settings are all you'll need to view your accounts the way you want to.

Case management

Manage each case with ease when you use Deskera CRM. This software allows your customer service teams to capture relevant details about each case, including its related activities. You can also assign process owners or resources for each customer case, track pending and resolved cases with real-time status updates, allocate multiple activities to each customer case and track issue status.

Opportunity management

When it comes to sales, focusing on potential customers is important - that's where Deskera CRM comes in. It helps you prioritise leads and extract, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities based on prior information. You can assign sales stages to a specific opportunity, run analysis on each stage, and generate reports, as well as monitor the volume and quality of sales opportunities to improve conversion rates.


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