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Argonar gives you full control and reliability for optimum business growth.

Growing your business is no mean feat, and that's where Argonar can give you a helping hand. This platform provides flexible and efficient solutions that cater perfectly to your business needs, so you have more time for other aspects of your business. 

Speed and simplicity

Managing a barrage of network equipment, disparate hardware and operating systems is a thing of the past - Argonar takes away the complexity completely.

Simply start up your virtual machines online and have them operational within minutes. Set up your cloud servers in 3 simple steps: connect to the online portal; configure your virtual machines; and control your infrastructure.

Control and flexibility

Argonar allows you to effortlessly streamline and optimise your capabilities when you need it. Scale your computing capabilities with ease, as we cater to your business growth.

Keep costs proportionate to your IT requirements by selecting a service package according to your usage, paying only for what you use without hefty upfront hardware costs, and viewing usage information online with our simple and intuitive self-service portal. 

Trusted reliability

Argonar is built upon and integrated into our secure, high-availability data centre's facilities and trusted network infrastructure. Simply give us a call to get assistance when you need it. Enjoy complete DDoS protection, world-class data centre facilities and a reliable cloud solution for your computing needs, optional storage encryption, end-to-end service level assurance of 99.9%, 24x7 technical support, and many more.



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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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Enterprise Internet

Experience premium enterprise grade Internet Services with bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

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