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SIP Voice helps you simplify your business operations while cutting costs.

Cost savings

As a single SIP Trunk can support up to 1,000 channels, multiple Trunks become unnecessary. Unlike with ISDN, which typically supports 30 or 60 channels. Also, with Per Second Billing, you pay only for what you use and not a second more.

Operational efficiency

Traditionally, a large deployment, over hundreds of channels, would require multiple ISDN connections and PBX systems. With SIP Voice, you can scale up to 1,000 channels on a single SIP Trunk,. This makes it easier to deploy and manage.

Future proofing

PBX/IP Voice CPE vendors are rapidly adopting SIP standards for their platforms while businesses are looking at adopting newer IP PBXs to replace their legacy TDM PBXs. StarHub’s SIP Voice supports both existing TDM PBXs and newer IP PBXs. Unlike ISDN, SIP Voice does not require PRI cards to support PBXs. Regardless of your CPE PBX equipment, StarHub’s SIP Voice is able to cater for your current deployment or future enhancements.


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