• Diversity

  • Diversity

Enjoy high availability with close to zero downtime with DualConnect

Your business can enjoy truly robust, reliable connectivity for your cloud connections, emails and heavy Internet volume with no disruption. DualConnect adds a load balancer to a StarHub Dynamic Broadband line on top of your existing connection, offering your business two diversified links with automatic failover. This means your business will have constant Internet access, even when one link is down. Plus, you'll enjoy accelerated connectivity speeds for your day-to-day operations, thanks to the aggregation of two Dynamic Broadband lines into one boosted link.

Does my business need link diversity?

If your business is heavily reliant on Internet connectivity for access to applications like databases, logistics and email, DualConnect's link diversity and aggregated bandwidth will boost your operations. It is especially useful for businesses who cannot afford downtime or deplayed turnaround time, such as F&B or retail outlets connected to cloud ordering or CRM solutions.

How it works

DualConnect's link diversity allows it to automatically switch to an active Internet link when one link fails. Bandwidth is aggregated and evenly distributed through a load balancer, giving you a resilient, constant connection and automatic failover, so you can focus on growing your business worry-free.

Key Benefits of DualConnect

Increase Internet Up-time with Link Diversity
Having two dynamic broadband lines with automatic failover means your business stays up and running with close to zero downtime. Businesses can now enjoy robust, reliable connectivity and manage cloud solutions, emails and heavy internet volume operations with no disruption.

24 / 7 Support plus 1-to-1 Hardware Swap
Enjoy round-the-clock support with our 24/7 dedicated technical team. You also enjoy worry-free 1-to-1 replacement of faulty load balancers and WiFi routers throughout your contract period.

Boost and Optimise your Broadband Speed
Enjoy uninterrupted, accelerated broadband speeds for your office The load balancer combines two Internet bandwidths from 2 broadband lines. Traffic is also distributed efficiently to support your staff's connectivity needs, even at optimum capacity.