• 													Google Wifi on 
    Business Broadband

  • Google Wifi on
    Business Broadband

Enjoy peace-of-mind upgrade to Google Wifi for reliable connectivity.
  • Upgrade to Google Wifi router rental (3 points) at $25.68/month
  • Free router installation for new Dynamic Fibre Broadband sign-up*
  • 1-1 exchange for faulty router during rental period
  • No minimum router rental period*

*$160.50 onsite charge applies for existing Dynamic Fibre Broadband plan or request to change Google Wifi router rental to standard router rental.

Enjoy extended WiFi coverage throughout
your office space.
  • Google Wifi points connect with one another, providing seamless coverage.
  • Seamless connectivity with one network (i.e. single SSID) for all the devices in your business. Once logged in, the devices will always automatically connect to the most efficient points regardless of where they are in your office space.
  • Flexibility to add more points (up to 3 additional Google Wifi points at $8.56/point/month) for bigger offices without affecting connectivity speed.
Intelligent network management with
Network Assist and dual band WiFi
(2.4GHz and 5GHz).
  • Automatically connects the user's device to the fastest Google Wifi points.
  • Intelligently place devices on the fastest or least congested channel.
Industry-leading hardware and cloud based security
  • Built-in security measures for round-the-clock protection.
  • Automatic updates to ensure you have the latest security.

Find out how Google Wifi can help your business.

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