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    Enjoy SmartShare FREE for
    new StarHub business customers.
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    Enjoy SmartShare FREE for
    new StarHub business customers.
Combine your employees’ mobile
plans to save on your company’s expenses.

In a typical company, some employees will use more data, talktime and SMS than their mobile plans provide. While other employees will never fully utilise their entitlements. As a result, the company will have to pay for excess charges even when there are unused entitlements.


This is why you need SmartShare.

How it works:


Combine your employees’ monthly mobile entitlements into one shareable bundle.
Simply select 5 or more users/plans that you want to combine.It’s OK if your selected users are on different StarHub Mobile plans.


Your subscribed employees can use that they need from the shared pool of data, talktime and SMS.This means that light users can share their unused data, talktime and SMS with heavy users in the SmartShare pool.


By pooling allowances in this way, you minimize wastage and avoid excess charges as your heavy users will be less likely to exceed their new usage limits.

How much can you save with SmartShare? Get in touch with us to find out.

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