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Take your business to new levels with StarHub BlackBerry® Solutions.
Think ahead of the competition and move a step ahead of your customers with StarHub BlackBerry® Solutions. 

Today, business mobility has become a must-have, not a luxury, for businesses to succeed. Boost your business performance as you connect with your employees, emails, applications, access to corporate information and more—securely. Gain control of your business with a choice of two customised plans designed to give you the freedom to run your business and achieve its full potential. 


Do more on the go

Manage your office and stay connected to your emails and instant messaging applications anywhere, anytime.


Freedom beyond work

Get more out of the BlackBerry® with its multimedia functions for your infotainment, lifestyle and social networking needs. Catch up on news and entertainment, access Facebook and Twitter, or use it for leisure to watch videos or listen to music with the built-in MP3 player.


Wide accessibility

With our extensive GPRS roaming network, you're empowered to enjoy instant emails even when you're overseas.


Manage costs without worry

Be assured of a data cap charge of $36.38 no matter how much you use. Enjoy massive savings with cost efficient data compression to 2KB per push. Roam with peace of mind at $15 a day through Conexus Alliance Operators and earn frequent flyer miles at the same time.


Exclusive and experienced technical support

Get premium BlackBerry® technical support with direct access to RIM Technical Support packages or personalised guidance from StarHub's team of experienced technical consultants.

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