Terms & Conditions - Wireless Broadband


  1. Subject to Clause 2 below, Wireless@SG via StarHub is only available to the following StarHub Wireless Broadband residential customers:
    1. StarHub CableTV and MaxOnline customers who can access Wireless@SG via StarHub with their Hub iDs and passwords.
    2. StarHub Mobile customers who can access Wireless@SG via StarHub with their Gee! iDs and passwords. Such customers can get their Gee! iDs and passwords at https://login.starhubgee.com.sg/VCRLS/login.cgi.
  2. If you do not have StarHub Wireless Broadband, you can opt to pay via credit card at the StarHub Wireless Broadband "Welcome Page" at any StarHub hotspot.
  3. Customers who are blacklisted, or have outstanding balances due to StarHub are not eligible to sign up for Wireless@SG via StarHub.
  4. Subscription of Wireless@SG via StarHub allow customers access to unlimited local wireless broadband access at all Wireless@SG hotspots.
  5. If a customer ceases to be a StarHub Wireless Broadband residential customer or his StarHub Wireless Broadband account is terminated for any reason whatsoever, his subscription of Wireless@SG via StarHub will be automatically terminated.