Terms & Conditions - StarHub TV d’Lite


  1. General
    1. In addition to these Terms & Conditions, the use of the StarHub TV d’Lite service (“StarHub TV d’Lite”) is subject to StarHub’s Consumer General Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions to which you and we may have agreed to from time to time (including but not limited to the Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV and StarHub Go Services). You may view all our Terms & Conditions at Legal Notice & Terms.
    2. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between any provision of these Terms & Conditions, the Consumer General Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions, the documents shall be construed in the following order of precedence:
      1. Terms & Conditions - StarHub TV d’Lite Service;
      2. Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV Services; and
      3. Consumer General Terms & Conditions.
    3. Capitalized terms used in these Terms and Conditions and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings so ascribed in the Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV Services or Consumer General Terms & Conditions.

  2. Eligibility
    1. StarHub TV d’Lite is available to you if you are:
      1. a new residential customer subscribing to a new television plan; or
      2. an existing residential customer whose commitments for all existing StarHub TV plans and/or add-on packs have expired, and you do not have outstanding bills due to StarHub.
    2. You may not subscribe to both StarHub TV Basic HD and StarHub TV d’Lite at the same time.
    3. We have the ability to deliver StarHub TV d’Lite Packs via either our cable or fibre platforms, and we reserve the right to determine the relevant platforms to use at all times. However, in order to receive the StarHub TV d’Lite pack via our fibre Platform, you must first subscribe to StarHub’s Broadband on Fibre service.
    4. StarHub TV d’Lite is not available to you if you are a HomeHub, commercial or bulk customer.
    5. We reserve the sole right to determine whether StarHub TV d’Lite would be available to you.

  3. Content
    1. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria above, the following StarHub TV d’Lite packs are available for subscription at the following prices (inclusive of 7% GST):
      1. Chinese d’Lite Pack ($19.90/month)
      2. Malay d’Lite Pack ($19.90/month)
      3. Tamil d’Lite Pack ($19.90/month)
      4. Sports d’Lite Pack ($19.90/month)
      5. Movies d’Lite Pack ($24.90/month)
      6. Hindi d’Lite Pack ($29.90/month)
      7. Pinoy d’Lite Pack ($29.90/month)
      8. Cricket d’Lite Pack ($19.90/month)
    2. StarHub TV d’Lite also includes:
      1. access to StarHub’s free view channels;
      2. access to StarHub Go (applicable to selected channels only); and
      3. free rental of one (1) HD Interactive or Fibre TV set-top box rental (as applicable) if you commit to a twelve (12) month service contract.
    3. You must subscribe to at least to one StarHub TV d’Lite pack. You may subscribe to more than one pack at any one time.
    4. You may change the selected StarHub TV d’Lite pack and/or add additional StarHub TV d’Lite pack(s), subject to payment of the then prevailing rates. For this change or addition of StarHub TV d’Lite pack, you would not be required to extend the duration of your service contract commitment of twelve (12) months, or incur any early termination Charge.
    5. We retain the sole right and discretion to determine the type, nature, genre, quality and quantity of programming made available on or through StarHub TV d’Lite.
    6. We may change StarHub TV d’Lite, revise the Charges for StarHub TV d’Lite packs, or change any bundles or packs offered on or through StarHub TV d’Lite, by amending, substituting or withdrawing any channel, programme, bundles or packs in such manner as we may determine in our absolute and sole discretion.

  4. Duration of Services
    1. You are subject to three (3) months’ Minimum Period of Service from the commencement date of StarHub TV services which shall be the latest of the following dates:
      1. the date of successful on-site installation of the Equipment by us, if you request us to install the Equipment;
      2. the date of sign up for the Service and collection of the Equipment, if you self-install the Equipment; or
      3. such other date as may be stated in the application form or work order or otherwise approved by us in writing.
    2. An early termination charge will be imposed upon you if you terminate StarHub TV d’Lite within the Minimum Period of Service.
    3. If you subscribe to StarHub TV d’Lite pack with a twelve (12) month service contract:
      1. Termination of StarHub TV d’Lite within the twelve-month service contract period will result in the imposition of an early termination charge, regardless of the number of StarHub TV d’Lite packs to which you have subscribed, calculated at the rate of S$238.80 divided by 12 and multiplied by the actual remaining service contract period; and
      2. you must recontract for StarHub TV d’Lite upon the expiry of the twelve (12) month service contract to continue to enjoy the waiver of the set-top box rental fee, and if you do not recontract, you will have to pay for the set-top box rental on a monthly basis commencing from the 13th month at the then prevailing rate.
    4. If you subscribe to StarHub TV d’Lite without a twelve (12) month service contract, you must pay the prevailing monthly rental fee for the set-top box for the duration of your subscription.

  5. Subscription
    1. You may upgrade to the StarHub TV Basic HD subscription on a 24-month service contract at any time, whether or not you have committed to a twelve (12) month service contract for StarHub TV d’Lite, subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions for StarHub TV.
    2. You will not be able to subscribe to any buy-through or add-on channels.
    3. You may purchase pay-per-view programming and video-on-demand programmes offered by us.
    4. You may subscribe to Smart TV and may utilize any billing-on-behalf content offerings.
    5. If you are currently subscribing to cross-carriage content, you may continue to receive such cross-carriage content under your StarHub TV d’Lite.
    6. HD Interactive or Fibre TV set-top box will be issued to you for the StarHub TV d’Lite by default. If a particular brand of HD Interactive or Fibre TV set-top box is not available, an alternative set-top box will be issued to you at our sole discretion.
    7. You may subscribe for an additional set-top box and if so, an additional outlet screen charge and an additional set-top box rental at the prevailing rates will apply.
    8. If you subscribe to StarHub TV d’Lite, you will be eligible for Hub Club membership, but will not be eligible for Hub Club discounts.
    9. StarHub TV d’Lite will remain available until otherwise determined by us.

  6. Others
    1. Your use of StarHub TV d’Lite will constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.
    2. We reserve the right to revise any of these Terms & Conditions (including pricing plans) in our discretion and without prior notice, and your continued use of StarHub TV d’Lite will constitute acceptance of such revisions.