Terms & Conditions - SIM Only Plan


  1. The SIM Only plans are available to post-paid subscribers whose mobile lines are registered under a NRIC or FIN.
  2. The SIM Only plans are available for new sign-ups and for existing StarHub postpaid mobile subscribers who do not have any existing contract commitment. Subscribers with mobile lines still active with any type of contract commitment will not be eligible to subscribe for the SIM Only plan.
  3. The SIM Only plans are available on an opt-in basis for standalone lines and SharePlus main lines (excluding SharePlus dependent lines) on:
    1. 4G 300M
    2. 4G 3
    3. 4G 4
    4. 4G 5
    5. 4G 6
    6. 4G 12 subjected to point 4
  4. Subscribers on 4G 12 SIM Only plan will not be eligible for the $500 handset upgrade voucher.
  5. The SIM Only plan is entitled to a 50% discount off the  prevailing 2-year 4G plan monthly subscription on an on-going monthly basis while not on any  contract commitment.
  6. The SIM Only plan will be automatically terminated  in the event the customer signs-up for any  other promotion or contract commitment (e.g. device commitment).  In such event, SIM Only will cease and the prevailing 2-year 4G plan subscription rate will apply. For the avoidance of doubt, there will not be any termination charges for termination of the SIM Only plan.
  7. The SIM Only is mutually exclusive and is not applicable with any other discounts or promotions, namely but not limited to:
    1. Hub Club Discounts
    2. Corporate Discounts / CIS Discounts / Partner Plan Discounts  (discounts and free VASes)
    3. Subscription Discounts
    4. Youth promotions (free VASes, and free unlimited SMS/MMS)
    5. Bill Rebates
  8. The unlimited talktime and sms usage under the 4G 12 SIM Only plan is to be used for personal and non-commercial purpose only, subject to StarHub's fair use policy set out in our General Terms and Conditions. If StarHub, in its sole discretion, determines that customer's data usage is in excess of the fair usage, StarHub may, without any notification and liability to customer, suspend, restrict and/or terminate customer's access to the service.
  9. Subscribers on the SIM Only plan  will be eligible for Hub Club membership and will count towards the Hub Club mobile line count but the line will not be eligible for Hub Club discounts.
  10. Existing subscribers who are currently on mobile plans that are no longer offered for subscription by StarHub must first change their price plan to the prevailing 4G plan prior to opting-in to the SIM Only plan. Subscribers  who change their price plans to the new 4G plans will not be able to revert back to their previous price plans (as StarHub no longer offers those plans).
  11. StarHub reserves the right to cease the SIM Only plan at its discretion without any prior notice.
  12. StarHub reserves the right to change any part of these Terms & Conditions from time to time without notice.
  13. The use of SIM Only plans are subject to StarHub’s General Terms & Conditions, Specific Terms & Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that subscribers may have agreed from time to time. Subscribers may view our terms and conditions at Legal Notices & Terms.