Terms & Conditions - SharePlus

  1. SharePlus plan is available for subscription as a dependent plan (the "dependent line") of another mobile line (which shall be referred to as the "main line") that is subscribed to Lite, XS, S, M, L and XL mobile plans.
  2. For the subscription of SharePlus plan at $16.05 (including GST) per month (in addition to the applicable registration and SIM Card Charge), up to a maximum 2 dependent line(s) can enjoy:
    1. The sharing of bundled local outgoing minutes, SMS bundle and bundled local data with the main line.
      (Note: Excess data charges are billed to individual mobile line)
    2. An optional 1GB of local data per dependent line subscribed (non-sharable). 1GB data will be utilised first before utilising the main line's shared bundled data.
    3. FREE International Roaming and Caller Number Display if main line is subscribed to XL mobile plan.
  3. As the processing of the SharePlus plan application will take up to 3 working days, any local outgoing calls, SMS and data utilised by the dependent line will be chargeable and will not be deducted from the main line's free bundled units. If the SharePlus plan is subscribed to FREE IDD 018 VAS to 19 Destinations, all IDD018 calls will also be chargeable during the processing period.
  4. Any excess usage incurred on the main line and the dependent line beyond the total bundled units of outgoing voice/video minutes, SMS and data is charged at 16.05 cents per minute, 5.35 cents per SMS and 0.0107cents per KB, up to maximum $10.70 per gigabyte block.
  5. The service is only available for subscription to NRIC/FIN-registered customers. The subscriber of the main line must be above 21 years of age, a Singaporean, Permanent Resident or Foreigner holding on one of the following foreigner pass types - P1, P2, PEP, Diplomat, Q1, Non-Diplomat, EntrePass, Training Visit Pass.
  6. The SharePlus subscription can be on a new or converted from existing StarHub Mobile Postpaid line not on a contract (Prevailing fee of $10.70 for change of service plan is applicable).
  7. For new sign up of StarHub Mobile Postpaid line for Shareplus subscription, a one-time SIM activation charge of $37.45 and a one-time mobile service charge of $10.70 is applicable.
  8. Each main line is allowed to sign up to a maximum of 2 dependent lines under the SharePlus plan, subject to a cap of not more than 2 dependent lines per NRIC/FIN.
  9. Both the main line and dependent line(s) must be registered under the same NRIC/FIN and under the same account.
  10. All existing policies pertaining to StarHub Mobile subscriptions apply for the subscription of SharePlus Plan.
  11. StarHub reserves the right to reject any application of SharePlus plan. In such cases, any usage incurred on that line will be chargeable.
  12. For any change of plan request for an existing StarHub Mobile line to the SharePlus plan, the customer is responsible for any impact to his existing StarHub Rewards points and Hub Club privileges (e.g. Hub Club discount, handset upgrade privileges awarded to Principal Mobile Line every 12 months etc).
  13. The main line must remain active and continue to subscribe to one of the eligible plans in order for the dependent line(s) to remain active and share the bundled airtime, data and SMS.
  14. For any request for suspension of the main line, all usage on the dependent line(s) will be chargeable at the prevailing rates (i.e. no access to the free bundled units of the main line) thereafter. StarHub reserves the right to suspend the dependent line for any abuse use of the scheme.
  15. In the event that the main line is terminated, the dependent line(s) cannot remain on the SharePlus plan and will be provisioned with a defaulted XS plan unless otherwise requested by the subscriber to be terminated or changed to another service plan.
  16. In the event where the main line is ported out to another service provider, the SharePlus line will be provisioned with a defaulted XS plan unless otherwise requested by the subscriber to be terminated or changed to another service plan.
  17. The dependent line is not eligible for any handset upgrade or any promotional handset offer that StarHub may offer unless otherwise stated.
  18. The dependent line is NOT eligible for MultiSIM service.
  19. The dependent line is NOT eligible for Hub Club membership or Hub Club discount.
  20. The FREE 100 SMS/MMS per month with GIRO or recurring credit card payment promotion and any other add-on SMS bundle offered/subscribed on the main line will not be added to the bundled SMS available for sharing by dependent line. The FREE 100 SMS/MMS per month with GIRO or recurring credit card payment promotion will not be available to the dependent line(s).
  21. The use of the SharePlus VAS are subject to StarHub's Consumer General Terms & Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that StarHub and customer may have agreed to from time to time. The Terms and Conditions may be viewed at Legal Notices & Terms.