Terms & Conditions - Set-Top Box Rental

  1. The set-top box rental is available to new and existing StarHub TV residential customers who:
    1. are subscribing to 3 Basic Groups;
    2. are staying in residential homes service address that are connected to StarHub's network with reverse signal for 2-way connectivity for HubStation HD/HubStation; and
    3. do not have outstanding balance with StarHub.
  2. Not applicable to Commercial and Digital Terrestrial TV Customers
  3. Monthly subscription of the set-top boxes are:
    1. $14.98 for HubStation HD as main and $25.68 for HubStation HD as additional outlet;
    2. $8.56 for HubStation as main and $19.26 for HubStation as additional outlet;
    3. $6.42 for HD, HD Interactive or Fibre TV Set-Top Box as main and $17.12 for HD, HD Interactive or Fibre TV Set-Top Box as additional outlet.
    4. $4.28 for digital set-top box as main and $14.98 for digital set-top box as additional outlet.
  4. An equipment deposit of $250 is chargeable if the customer is not a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  5. To access Digital Voice Home services using HubStation HD/HubStation set-top box, Customers are required to subscribe to the respective services at StarHub's prevailing rates and purchase a Wireless Integrated Access Device (IAD). Each Customer is only eligible for 1 complimentary DVH subscription per service address. FREE home phone line is valid till 31 August 2012, after which promotional rate of $2.10 per month applies. StarHub's prevailing Terms and Conditions for Digital Voice Home apply.
  6. Installation fee of $53.50 for TV connection applies for first set-top box and $16.05 for each subsequent set-top box install on the same trip and at the same service address.
  7. $53.50 per PC connection to the HubStation HD/HubStation/HD Interactive set-top box applies.
  8. In the event of a dispute, a customer's entitlement to sign up for the service is subject to the sole discretion and final determination of StarHub. The use of StarHub TV services is also subject to StarHub's Terms and Conditions for Info-communications Services and Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV.
  9. StarHub reserves the right to revise any of these terms and conditions (including pricing plans) at its discretion without prior notice. Subscription to StarHub TV and continued use of the services will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions (including revisions thereof).