Terms & Conditions - Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Pre-order


  1. Selection of your preferred colour of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 is based on a first-come-first-served basis and subject to stock availability at your selected retail outlet.
  2. By booking the Handset now, you are accorded priority status with regards to the sales of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 handset. However, this does not guarantee your purchase of the Handset or stock reservation.
  3. Pre-order of the Handset will be subjected to your mobile services eligibility for sign up/renewal and is not transferable.
  4. Once your form for the pre-order is submitted successfully, you will not be allowed to make any changes or resubmit another form.
  5. StarHub reserves the rights to release the Handset to other waiting customers if it is not collected within your selected date and timeslots.
  6. The Early Recontract Scheme is applicable to you if you are renewing your mobile service between the 13th to 21st month of your mobile contract. If you do so, you will be subject to an Early Recontract Fee of $200/$300.
  7. A SIM card activation fee of $37.45 will apply for new sign-ups. For renewal of your mobile line with a NEW MicroSIM card, an activation fee of $26.75 applies.
  8. The applicable handset pricing for the Handset is conditional on your signing up for a 2-year 3G/4G StarHub Mobile voice and data subscription contract.
  9. SIM waiver for CIS customer is not applicable with this pre-order.
  10. All outstanding balance(s) of your account(s) with StarHub and/or its Affiliates must be paid in full prior to booking for the Handset.
  11. StarHub General Terms & Conditions, as well as Terms & Conditions for mobile services sign up, promotional and info-communication service apply. Please refer to the full set of terms and conditions at Legal Notices & Terms.

Delivery Option

  1. Subscriber must be present in person with the original NRIC/FIN during delivery to receive the goods and sign the mobile service contract, otherwise delivery will be aborted. 
  2. Delivery is within the Singapore mainland only.
  3. A maximum of 3 (THREE) rescheduling of deliveries will be allowed at a charge of $12.84 per reschedule request. Your reserved order will be forfeited if delivery is not completed by the 3rd delivery.
  4. Your 2-year mobile contract will commence from the date of delivery of the Handset.
  5. To help ensure the safety of our riders, delivery times may be affected due to bad weather and/or traffic conditions.
  6. StarHub reserves the right to reject any order and shall have no liability to you under such circumstances.