Terms & Conditions - RoamEasy Monthly Plan

  1. StarHub Mobile postpaid customers with any Lite, XS, S, M, L, XL plans, 4G mobile, SmartSurf HD, MaxMobile or BlackBerry plan and who subscribe to International Roaming service are eligible to sign up for RoamEasy Monthly Plan.
  2. Customers on (a) Pay-As-You-Roam service or (b) RoamEasy Daily Plan and BlackBerry Unlimited DataRoam VAS, are not eligible to sign up for RoamEasy Monthly Plan.
  3. RoamEasy Monthly plan will be terminated if your International Roaming service is terminated.
  4. RoamEasy Monthly Plan is applicable only for the countries listed here.
  5. RoamEasy Monthly Plan is activated 1 hour after customer receives a confirmation SMS from StarHub. All data roam usages incurred before the confirmation SMS is received will be charged at prevailing standard data roam rates.
  6. Upon successful activation, customers will pay a Monthly Subscription of $40 (U.P $72) for 400MB data roam bundle or a Monthly Subscription of $100 (U.P $180) for 1GB data roam bundle. The data roam bundle can be used in any of the supported countries under RoamEasy Monthly Plan. Data roam usage exceeding the relevant data roam bundle will be charged at $3 per MB. Prevailing standard data roam rates apply for any data roam usage on roaming operators in countries that are not covered under RoamEasy Monthly Plan.
  7. The Monthly Subscription and data allowance on the relevant data roam bundle will be pro-rated according to customer’s billing cycle in the month when RoamEasy Monthly Plan is activated or terminated.
  8. Any unused data allowance on any data roam bundle cannot be rolled over to the next billing cycle.
  9. RoamEasy Monthly Plan cannot be enjoyed with other data roam promotions. RoamEasy Monthly Plan will take precedence over any other data roam promotions.
  10. Customers can terminate RoamEasy Monthly Plan by giving StarHub prior notice of at least 3 working days. Upon termination, customers will be charged at the prevailing standard data roam rates for any data roam usage.
  11. Usage of the RoamEasy Monthly Plan is subject to StarHub's General Terms & Conditions, the applicable Service Specific Terms & Conditions and any other terms that you may accept. StarHub may amend these Terms & Conditions (including without limitation to pricing and the list of designated countries) from time to time. Usage or continued usage of the RoamEasy Monthly Plan shall constitute acceptance of any changes to these Terms & Conditions.