Terms & Conditions - Prepaid Internet SIM $18 and $32

  1. Prepaid Internet SIM may be used for data access purpose(s). There is strictly no voice capability on Prepaid Internet SIM.
  2. Each $18/$32 Prepaid Internet SIM allows up to 5/15 consecutive days of internet access with up to daily 2GB data bundle. Data usage commences from the registration/activation of the Prepaid Internet SIM as set out in paragraph 4 below.
  3. Each Prepaid Internet SIM must be registered before use. StarHub may decline acceptance of your application for the purchase and/or registration of the Prepaid Internet SIM at our discretion.
  4. Prepaid Internet SIM makes available a download speed of up to 100Mbps. 5/15 consecutive days of Internet access of 2GB data daily starts from the date of registration/activation or data connection of the SIM card. Daily data is based on 24-hour clock cycle.
  5. You will no longer be able to access data when the 2GB data daily quota is reached. When more data is needed, data top up is available through https://topup.starhub.com/prepaid
  6. The Prepaid Internet SIM is valid for 180 days from activation. Thereafter, the Prepaid Internet SIM must be topped up at least once every 180 days, failing which the Prepaid Internet SIM will expire.
  7. Usage for Prepaid Internet SIM applies to Singapore and Happy Roam destinations. 
  8. Each Prepaid Internet SIM, once sold, is not refundable. Every Prepaid Internet SIM also has no surrender value, and StarHub will not allow any refund of any unused portion of the value of a Prepaid Internet SIM, whether before or after its expiry.
  9. You are responsible for the use of the Prepaid Internet SIM with your USB Dongle and other devices.
  10. In addition to these terms and conditions, the use of the Prepaid Internet SIM will be subject to StarHub's General Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions for mobile and mobile data services (collectively "StarHub Terms and Conditions"). StarHub reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions (including pricing and the fair usage policy) at its discretion from time to time. We endeavour, where reasonably practicable, to give you reasonable advance notice of such changes. We will notify you of such changes through written notice, electronic mail, our bill, our website or such other form as we may deem appropriate. You agree that the display of any revised StarHub Terms and Conditions on our website will constitute notice of the changes. Your continued use of the Services (including the Prepaid Internet SIM) will constitute acceptance of the changes.